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Attorney General Schimel is a judicial branch lap dog. He takes his direction from the judiciary rather than the citizens of Wisconsin who elected him.

When he took office, AG Schimel understood that the citizens of Wisconsin were not interested in sanctioning same-sex marriages. We had amended our state constitution to add a definition of marriage in 2006, and we re-elected the previous attorney general while he enforced our state’s marriage laws and actively defended our constitution. But AG Schimel allowed the Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell vs Hodges opinion to be enforced upon us as law anyway, making those marriages “legal” in our state.

The Obergefell opinion was the high point in the Supreme Court’s abuse of constitutional authority when it declared that state laws which didn’t provide for same-sex marriages were unconstitutional, and then told us same-sex marriages were legal in our states just because they told us so. This was the high point in the federal government taking for itself all powers reserved to the states by the Constitution, states which had always regulated marriage until that day.

No court opinion revises or repeals our state laws or enacts new laws for the citizens of Wisconsin – that is, unless you have an attorney general like Schimel, who allows court opinions to do so.

In a constitutional republic, we elect our legislators to make the laws we all agree to live under. In a banana republic, you don’t have to be elected to make laws.

Same-sex marriages should have been made legal by our state legislature only after the citizens of Wisconsin had directed our elected representatives to make them legal.

AG Schimel failed to perform his most basic job function when he stopped enforcing our state’s marriage laws, which only provide for certain forms of heterosexual marriages, after his SCOTUS masters gave us their opinion.

AG Schimel undermines both our federal and state constitutions, which he took an oath to support, when he allows any court to make our laws for us.

Voters may choose to overlook these mistakes because Schimel is “a good man,” he’s not a Democrat, he rides a Harley, or whatever. But he needs to be replaced (Don’t worry – he’ll find another job).

AG Schimel needs to be replaced because this practice of enforcing court opinions as law must end. It will not end if you re-elect him, and it will escalate if you elect the other candidate, Kaul.

This will matter to everyone reading these lines, because soon the Supreme Court will offer its opinion that males who want to be females have a constitutional “right” to “identify and express themselves” as females; and therefore a “right” to share public facilities, including bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers with females in Wisconsin. Progressive employers and businesses in Wisconsin have already begun requiring females to share facilities with males, and progressive educators in our schools have already begun teaching boys and girls that their gender is fluid.

I would prefer to see AG Schimel replaced before he goes along with that court opinion. If you replace AG Schimel with me, the enforcement of court opinions as law in Wisconsin will end.

As Attorney General, I will also end several other things in Wisconsin, including the destruction or removal of veterans’ memorials, the creation of sanctuary areas for illegal aliens, and infringements upon the freedom of religion or speech or the right to bear arms, which we have under both our federal and state constitutions.

–Larson is the Constitution Party of Wisconsin’s candidate for attorney general.


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