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GOP Senate candidate Leah Vukmir says she supports coverage of pre-existing conditions

As health care tends to top the list of issues voters are concerned about in the 2018 Senate midterm elections, Wisconsin Senate candidate Leah Vukmir, a Republican, released a statement Friday saying she supports coverage options for people with pre-existing conditions amid growing pressure from her Democratic opponent, incumbent Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisconsin. Baldwin is one of 10 Senate Democrats up for re-election in a state that President Trump won in 2016. She supports a Medicare-for-All approach, which Vukmir, a nurse, criticized in her statement. Vukmir says that Baldwin favors a “government takeover of healthcare” that is not in the best interest of Wisconsinites.

“She thinks Washington knows best – even though here in Wisconsin we had solutions for those with pre-existing conditions before it was cool to take care of people with pre-existing conditions,” Vukmir noted.

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