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Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018

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ICYMI – Leah encourages President Trump to look at Wisconsin’s conservative reforms for infrastructure

In Saturday’s edition of the Waukesha Freeman, U.S. Senate candidate and state Sen. Leah Vukmir wrote that President Trump and Congressional Republicans should include some Wisconsin conservative reforms in the national infrastructure package.

This column highlights key state reforms Leah has been a leader on implementing — including Act 10, Right to Work, Repealing Prevailing Wage and PLA Neutrality.

Read some excerpts from the column below:

“As President Trump encourages investing in our workforce to repair our roads, airports and bridges, he should also look to Wisconsin’s conservative reforms. Here, Republicans have moved our state forward with changes that promote freedom and competition, including some of the country’s most sweeping reforms — Act 10 and right-to-work. Voters have rewarded conservatives for their bold leadership because they’ve seen how the results have made Wisconsin stronger.”
“When I led the charge to repeal the prevailing wage requirement for state and local government projects, Wisconsin was estimated to see almost $300 million in savings annually, per the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance…. The savings the federal government would see with the repeal of this law [Davis–Bacon] would be astronomical.
“In Wisconsin, about 5 in 6 construction workers are non-union. To alienate these workers when putting together an infrastructure plan makes no sense. That’s why I authored the bill to create PLA fairness in Wisconsin, which became law last year. I encourage the president to take a page out of Wisconsin’s playbook and repeal Obama’s terrible executive order immediately.”
“Conservative reforms are essential to passing this infrastructure package the right way. President Trump should work with Republicans to embrace Wisconsin’s solutions that will help him be a good steward of taxpayer dollars and encourage all workers to be a part of making our country great again.”
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