Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018

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The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Leah Vukmir reminded voters how Senator Baldwin turned her back on our veterans at the Tomah VA. “[During an exchange over the scandal at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where opioids were overprescribed to veterans, that the debate grew most heated. Vukmir accused Baldwin of turning “her back on the veterans of the Tomah VA” and sitting on an inspector general’s report about problems at the facility. She thrust a copy of an ethics complaint filed by one of Baldwin’s Senate staffers, who was fired in the wake of the scandal.”

The Associated Press also reports that Leah pressed Baldwin on Tomah. “Vukmir, waving papers and referencing an ethics complaint that was filed against Baldwin, said that she ‘turned her back on the veterans’ at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center that led to the death of Marine veteran Jason Simcakoski in 2014. Vukmir said Baldwin was too slow to respond to a report delivered to her office in August 2014 detailing problems at the facility.”

Despite a confirmation process that took months, the Associated Press reports that Leah reminded voters that Tammy never met with Judge Kavanaugh. “Vukmir, a Kavanaugh supporter, said “there was nothing to corroborate” Ford’s allegations. She said Baldwin ‘didn’t even have the decency’ to meet with Kavanaugh before saying publicly she would not vote to confirm him.”

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Leah reaffirmed her position supporting health care for those with pre-existing conditions. “Vukmir also fired back at Baldwin for claiming that Vukmir wanted to get rid of protections for those with pre-existing medical conditions. ‘I would fall in front of a truck before I would let people … go without coverage for pre-existing conditions,’ she said.”

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that Leah dubbed Tammy’s $32 trillion takeover of our healthcare as BaldwinCare. “The debate opened with several questions about health care and both candidates returned to the topic throughout the evening. Vukmir charged that Baldwin’s support for a ‘Medicare for all’ universal health care plan would upend the entire health care system. ‘I’m going to call it ‘BaldwinCare,'” Vukmir said. “Because under her plan, the Affordable Care Act goes away. Medicare goes away. Everything we know about insurance goes away.’”

The Associated Press reports that Leah supports a border wall that would help keep illegal immigrants from entering our country. “Vukmir, the daughter of Greek immigrants, said President Donald Trump’s wall along the Mexico border ‘must’ be built before other immigration reforms are pursued. ‘Right now we have a broken illegal immigration system that must be fixed first,’ Vukmir said.”

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