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Milwaukee, Wis. — In the first general election debate for the Wisconsin Senate, nurse and military mom Leah Vukmir held Senator Tammy Baldwin accountable for her failure to help our veterans at the Tomah VA.

“I think about how she turned her back on the veterans at the Tomah VA. It is absolutely disgraceful that for months she sat on a report that she and only she had that detailed the extent to which veterans were being prescribed opioids,” Leah said. “I’ve cared for our veterans in Wisconsin. I have cared for them as Guard members, and you better believe when I go to Washington, I will have their back.”

For the first time, Tammy Baldwin was forced to answer and refused to answer why she hid the report and tried to cover-up her actions by offering hush money to a staffer and hiring Hillary Clinton’s lawyer.

Leah also exposed what Baldwin’s plan for government run healthcare means, saying BaldwinCare “gets rid of Medicaid, it gets rid of the ACA, it gets rid of Tricare and private insurance.”

She also proved how far she was willing to fight to protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions: “Who are you going to trust to solve our healthcare problems? A career politician who has spent her life in the halls and the walls of government, or a nurse? I would fall in front of a truck before I would let people with pre-existing conditions go without coverage.”

When the #MeToo movement was brought up, Leah pointed out that “the #MeToo movement was cheapened by her actions” because of how Baldwin refused to listen to now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and hear his defense.

And in her closing statement, Leah said, “The people of Wisconsin the people of Wisconsin are looking for leaders who understand the day-to-day challenges facing families…” And Senator Baldwin is “far more comfortable with her friends in the Hamptons than she is at a Friday night fish fry in Wisconsin.”

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