July 31, 2018
Contact: Austin Altenburg

Campaign releases ads featuring governor, Foxconn sites, Wisconsin companies from throughout the state to show job creation and economic growth

[Madison, Wis.] – Scott Walker on Tuesday launched a TV ad campaign, featuring four unique ads, to further demonstrate Foxconn’s statewide economic impact – including western Wisconsin; central and northern Wisconsin; the Green Bay and Fox Valley region; as well as southeastern Wisconsin.

Foxconn’s investment in our state is the largest economic development project in Wisconsin’s history, and will create at least 13,000 jobs that pay an average salary of $53,875. The regional economic activity that we have already begun to see throughout the state demonstrates just the first examples of the impact that Foxconn’s footprint will ultimately have, including the 13,000 direct jobs and tens of thousands of additional jobs from the project’s ripple effect all across the state.

With more people working than ever before and our state hitting record-low unemployment this year, Wisconsin is working under Scott Walker’s leadership. Now, the governor’s bold reforms are spurring additional economic growth to help hard-working families across the state win the 21st century.

The Green Bay ad, entitled “Foxconn: Work for Local Companies,” features Gov. Walker speaking at Foxconn’s Green Bay Innovation Center and the Foxconn job site as he describes how job creators will benefit: Wisconsin landed Foxconn … It will create 13,000 family-supporting jobs. Plus hundreds of high tech jobs at this innovation center, and work for local companies ….

The western Wisconsin ad, entitled “Foxconn: Keeping Wisconsin Working,” features the governor and workers from Hoffman Construction, which has added 100 jobs from the Foxconn project, with Hoffman workers saying: It’ll help companies like ours in Black River Falls. … Hoffman Construction will put in a half million man hours and add 100 jobs.

The central and northern Wisconsin ad, entitled “Foxconn: Helping Companies Like Mine,” highlights a local business leader from Merrill Steel and a worker who join the governor in discussing how Foxconn will have a positive impact in their community – with company president Fred saying: It’ll help companies like mine here in Schofield. … And keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

The southeastern Wisconsin ad, entitled “Foxconn: Wisconsin’s On a Roll,” features Governor Walker highlighting the overall transformative economic growth under his leadership – including Foxconn’s record investment, with the governor saying: And this, this is where Foxconn is building the largest economic project in state history, creating 13,000 family-supporting jobs.

The spots will run on television as well as on a range of online and social media platforms. They are the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth in a series of TV ads the Walker campaign is running on the governor’s strong record of getting positive things done and his plans for more bold reform to help Wisconsin win the 21st century.

Previous Walker campaign ads include: “Helping People Like Me” – building our workforce; “To Save Lives” – fighting the opioid crisis; “Providing a Leg Up” – workforce training; “To Help People” – helping students with disabilities enter the workforce; “Lower Premiums for Wisconsin Families” – lowering health care premiums; “Students First” – ensuring student success. “The Wisconsin Comeback” – jumpstarting Wisconsin’s economy. “More Resources in the Classroom” – funding for schools in rural areas; “Teach our Kids” – investments in Wisconsin’s rural communities.

Foxconn Facts
See below for more information on Gov. Walker’s bold reforms that have sparked Wisconsin’s comeback with businesses investment returning to the state through companies like Foxconn, and additional economic growth across the state that will help Wisconsin’s hard-working families win the 21st century:

With 13,000 jobs and a capital investment of up to $10 billion, Foxconn’s investment in Wisconsin is by far the state’s largest economic development project and is the largest corporate attraction project in U.S. history as measured by jobs.

Once the Foxconn complex is fully operational, it will employ 13,000 workers.

The jobs will have an average salary of $53,875, plus benefits.

In addition to the 13,000 jobs directly created by Foxconn, the project is expected to create tens of thousands of indirect and induced jobs throughout the state.

Wisconsin’s agreement with Foxconn includes “pay-as-you-grow” requirements that mean the state only awards tax incentives as Foxconn makes investments and creates jobs – no jobs and investments, no tax credits. The state also has clawback provisions to take tax incentives back if needed.

Contracts have been awarded to more than 60 Wisconsin subcontractors and suppliers across the state – involving workers in nearly every one of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

The Foxconn Bonus continues with the company purchasing a six-story building in Green Bay for a new facility that is expected to create at least 200 high-tech jobs. In addition, another new expansion is on the way in Eau Claire that will create another 150 high-tech jobs – Foxconn’s impact continues to be felt around the state.​

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