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“We know that when we are united, when we all work together toward our shared goals, we all do better.”

MADISON – Democratic candidates garnered massive support in the yesterday’s Wisconsin primary, speaking volumes to how ready and willing Wisconsinites are to elect Democrats. Democratic candidates for Governor received nearly 80,000 more votes in the partisan primary than the Republican partisan race between Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson.

“Democrats are fired up. In unprecedented primary turnout, we’re out-voting our opponents like we’ve never seen before. This kind of action speaks to the shared values of our party–we are united, we are stronger than ever, and we are ready to do the hard work over for the next twelve weeks to elect Democrats”, said Martha Laning, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “If yesterday is any indication of how ready Democrats are to win, November is only going to be sweeter.

“We know that when we are united, when we all work together toward our shared goals, we all do better”, said Laning. “The numbers we saw coming out of the polls yesterday are a reminder of just how united our party is. We have been working on building our field teams and sharing our unified message for over a year now, and boy is it working.

“Wisconsinites are tired of the status quo that Republicans have been pushing for the past eight years. They are ready for change, and know that Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes can and will make that happen. Tammy Baldwin knows that a bought and paid for Senate candidate is not what’s right for Wisconsin, and that Leah Vukmir won’t represent the values of real Wisconsinites in Washington.

“Wisconsin Democrats have a shared vision of a stronger state that works to repair our crumbling roads, fund our public schools and bring down healthcare costs for families, and it sure is exciting people,” concluded Laning.

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