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Democrats would make Wisconsin more dangerous
[Madison, WI] — This weekend, Democrat candidates for governor will make their closing case to their far-left base, touting policies that would make Wisconsin more dangerous. Throughout the race, these candidates have been locked into a race to the left. From their failures to protect children in our classrooms and churches, to their unsafe plans to cut the state’s prison population, none of these candidates will put hard-working families first if elected.
“For over a year Wisconsin voters have had a front row seat to Wisconsin Democrats’ dangerous race left and now it’s entering the final stretch” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Each candidate has touted policies that would put Wisconsin families in danger and built their own political careers by repeatedly failing to stand up for what’s right. No matter what story voters hear in the closing days, voters simply cannot trust any one of these candidates.”
Here’s what to ask the Democrats running for governor:
Tony Evers – Families, teachers, and school district officials all asked you to revoke the licenses of numerous teachers committing immoral conduct offenses – why did you fail to act? 
  • When a school district asked Evers to revoke the license of a teacher who asked special education students to view pornography on their phones and was making sexually explicit comments about female high school students, Evers sided with union bosses and failed to revoke the license.
  • When another school district asked Evers to revoke the license of a teacher caught harassing fellow co-workers and who kept lewd images on his school computer, Evers sided with union bosses and failed to revoke the license.
  • This follows news of a previous case where Evers didn’t revoke the license of a teacher caught spreading pornography at school and making inappropriate comments about the bodies of middle school girls.
Mahlon Mitchell – Why are you misusing firefighters’ union dues as your own personal political slush fund, and when will you explain the serial abuse of union funds and the shady lawsuit settlement from your time as union boss?
  • As a union boss, Mitchell took massive pay raises on the backs of firefighters, settled shady lawsuits with his former executive assistant, and was audited by the Department of Labor for misuse of union funds.
  • Mitchell even turned the union into his own personal political slush fund – contributing tens of thousands of dollars to far-left causes, including his own campaign.
Matt Flynn – Why do you keep lying to Wisconsin voters about covering up sexual abuse?
  • Unearthed letters detail how Matt Flynn was aware of the cover-up and transfer of priests guilty of sexual abuse while serving as an attorney for the Milwaukee Archdiocese.
  • Flynn even told one priest facing allegations of sexual abuse to wait and see if a victim would file a report when he should have turned him over to police.
Kelda Roys – You want to release half the state’s prison population in four years – what violent criminals are you comfortable releasing into our communities?
  • Roys and other Democrats have pushed dangerous policies that call for cutting the state’s prison population in half – even though 89% of inmates are locked up for more than just drug offenses and 67% have committed violent offenses.
  • ·As they try to appeal to their far-left base, Democrats are willing to leave hard-working Wisconsin families in danger and our communities less safe.
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