October 9, 2018
Contact: Alec Zimmerman
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Baldwin backs extreme positions in debate against Vukmir

[Madison, WI] — At last night’s debate, Tammy Baldwin showed she is too liberal for Wisconsin – siding with her liberal D.C. party bosses over hard-working Wisconsinites on everything from taxes to health care. At the end of the night Vukmir said it best – Tammy Baldwin is far more comfortable with her friends in the Hamptons than she is at a Friday night fish fry in Wisconsin.

“Tammy Baldwin’s six years in the Senate and two decades in D.C. have been a boon for liberal specials interests but absolutely worthless for hard-working Wisconsin families,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “She can try as hard as she wants to paper over her record, the fact is that Tammy Baldwin is far too liberal for Wisconsin – even refusing to condemn partial birth abortion. We need someone in Washington like Leah Vukmir who will fight for us.”

Tammy Baldwin is too liberal for Wisconsin:
On how she’d pay for her socialist health care plan: No answer.
With a $32 trillion price tag on the socialist Baldwin-Sanders health care scheme, Baldwin refused to tell voters how she’d pay for it. A recent study showed that you could double the federal income tax rate and corporate tax rate and you still wouldn’t be able to cover the cost.

On if she supports late-term abortions: “Umm … I …”
While she failed to condemn partial birth abortion on the debate stage, Baldwin can’t run from her record supporting it. While she was in the state assembly, Baldwin voted against banning partial birth abortions.

On how she feels about taxes: “I’m fighting for middle class taxpayers.”
In reality, Baldwin voted over 400 times in favor of higher taxes and fees. She even voted against a tax cut of over $2,500 for the typical family of four.

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