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[Madison, WI] — Just how expensive would it be for Wisconsin families if Tony Evers became governor? Evers has laid out how he would raise a variety of taxes on hard-working Wisconsinites – be it the gas tax, income taxes, or property taxes. However up to this point, he’s refused to say just how high taxes would skyrocket under his leadership.
“Thanks to Scott Walker, Wisconsinites are seeing real tax relief. In fact, the governor has cut taxes by over $8 billion since taking office,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Tony Evers is a Madison liberal who would take us backward and hike taxes on the hard-working families of our state. He shouldn’t wait any longer in answering the question – how much will Tony Evers cost taxpayers if he’s elected governor?
How High Will Taxes Go Under Tony Evers?
  • Evers has already said that he’d raise a variety of taxes if he’s elected including property taxes, income taxes, and the gas tax.
  • When it comes to raising the gas tax, Evers says that “everything is on the table” – including an increase as high as a dollar per gallon.
  • As governor, Scott Walker has cut taxes by over $8 billion. He’s cut property taxes, income taxes across the board, and even eliminated an entire tax.
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