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Alan Talaga: Ron Johnson’s moment

Wisconsin’s senior senator supported the border aid package but needs to do more.

Amy Loudenbeck: A tale of two budgets: Wisconsin vs. Illinois

Illinois has once again opted for a spending plan that grows government with increased taxes. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin budget includes tax relief, responsible investments, and doesn’t unnecessarily grow government.

Andrew Disch: A mainstream perspective on prevailing wage

Embracing prevailing wage in Wisconsin reflects our values of supporting the middle class, respecting the taxpayer and standing up to extreme perspectives. It’s a mainstream policy that’s good for Main Street.

Andrew S. Petersen: UW System drives Wisconsin’s economy

And returns $23 dollars for every $1 invested. Strong state support pays off.

Arn Pearson: Lawsuit put end to abusive practice

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. Wisconsin’s open records law applies to...

Barbara Dittrich: Divided government, compromise, and 78 vetoes

It is important to remember that having the governor’s seat does not make one a dictator. Split government means that compromise requires both sides to give a little bit. Sadly, the only attempts to work together came on the part of the Legislature.

Bill Kaplan: After the budget, Medicaid expansion

The most glaring budget omission was the failure of the GOP-controlled legislature to include Medicaid expansion.

Bill Kaplan: Democrats lead on bread-and-butter issues

Wisconsin congressional Democrats have a different approach than Trump and Republicans: pass bread-and-butter legislation, while standing up for farmers and middle and working-class folks.

Bill Kaplan: Don’t let Trump win in 2020

While the economy may boost Trump's reelection chances, he also faces barriers.

Bill Kaplan: July 4 belongs to America, not Trump

A nonpartisan celebration of America’s independence will be turned into a Trump-GOP campaign rally.

Bruce Murphy: The truth about busing, Is Harris or Biden right?

The impact of busing in Milwaukee and other cities.

Bruce Murphy: A new state progressive publication

Wisconsin Examiner adds to Capitol press corps, with a "people's" perspective on policies.

Bruce Murphy: About those good guys with a gun

Cop killer Jordan Fricke is the latest case undermining that theory.

Bruce Murphy: Scott Walker’s new job will pay plenty

Non-profit he will run has lots of money. But he can’t run for office.

Bruce Murphy: The new Paul Ryan

That’s how admirers view Rep. Mike Gallagher. Can Democrat Amanda Stuck beat him?

Bruce Murphy: Will Wisconsin decide the 2020 election?

All signs suggest this state could determine whether Trump wins reelection.

Bruce Thompson: Can Democrats win small-town Wisconsin?

Wisconsin could decide the election and those small towns are crucial.

Bryan Sabella: 2020 Democrats should avoid getting trapped in a left-wing bubble

The liberal bubble has swollen to levels that threaten to snatch away an exceedingly winnable election against perhaps the most disliked incumbent president in history.

Charlie Sykes: Whose flag is it anyway?

It’s ours. All of ours.

Chet Thompson: When will enough ethanol be enough?

The ethanol industry’s latest demand is for the president to eliminate lifelines used to help small refineries that experience disproportionate economic hardship from the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Chris Rochester: Americans should be wary of embracing socialist-style price controls

President Trump has made reducing the price of prescription drugs a cornerstone of his presidency, and that effort continues to fly largely under the radar in Washington. It’s a worthwhile effort, but Trump and Congress should be wary of embracing the type of inhumane, socialist-style price controls adopted in other countries.

Chris Rochester: Analysis: The 2019-21 Wisconsin state budget

There is something for everyone to love in this budget – from fiscal conservatives, far-left progressives, Republicans, taxpayers, Democrats, big-government loving special interests, lobbyists, to local governments – and something in this budget for everyone to hate.

Chris Walker: Congress must assert its Article I powers above the president

Bipartisan efforts to assert the legislative branch's war powers is a welcomed start.

Dan O’Donnell: A costly compromise

The only hope Evers had was a compromise on spending increases. Republicans gave it to him—and then some—even after pledging to stop what they called his out-of-control spending.

Dan O’Donnell: Evers literally inventing new ways to spend money

To say that Evers is inventing new ways to spend money isn’t just a figure of speech anymore. In the most ludicrous expansion of line-item veto power in recent memory, he circumvented longstanding constitutional norms and $86 million in K-12 education spending to Wisconsin’s biennial budget.

Dan O’Donnell: The road less traveled by

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has spent the past few months desperately trying to get the Milwaukee Common Council to approve a $52 million expansion of the streetcar route to the Fiserv Forum in time for next summer's Democratic National Convention.

Dave Cieslewicz: All hope is not (quite) lost

A Wisconsin legal expert talks about gerrymandering.

Dave Cieslewicz: Don’t sweat the details

As a presidential candidate, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren offers detailed policy plans. But is that the smart thing to do politically?

Dave Cieslewicz: Evers should have vetoed the entire budget

Evers could have (and, in my view, should have) made history by being the first Wisconsin governor to veto an entire budget.

Dave Cieslewicz: Wisconsin, the pivotal state

Trump’s approval rating in Wisconsin is already a couple points higher than it is nationally, and there’s reason to suspect that some of his voters just sat out the 2018 midterms as opposed to being won over by the Democrats.

Dave Zweifel: Democrats’ ‘far left’ ideas aren’t so radical after all

To read some of the pundits these days, you'd think that the "far left" Democratic candidates for president are pushing radical, out-of-the-mainstream ideas that will surely lead to the re-election of Donald Trump if the party is foolish enough to nominate them.

Dave Zweifel: Donald Trump’s America echoes the destruction of the McCarthy era

We are living in a time when it's not a U.S senator from Wisconsin leading the intolerant among us, but the president of the United States himself — not screaming about communists, but about "socialists" who are the enemy of America and need to be demonized.

Dave Zweifel: Government has indeed been able to help

While there surely are examples of government bungling — our immigration crisis is one of them — the truth is government programs typically work for all Americans.

Dave Zweifel: Lottery bill just another example of Vos’ attacks on open government

The current policy of transparency, officials say, helps protect the lottery's integrity. In other words, it helps assure the public that the system isn't rigged.

Dave Zweifel: Once again, UW gets punished for lack of transparency

Once again, the university has shot itself in the foot by opting for secrecy over transparency.

Dave Zweifel: Our history shows we might not be better than this

Zweifel writes about Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg's recent comments about the treatment of immigrant children at the Mexican border.

Dave Zweifel: Preventing diseases should never be political

Who would have thought that getting your kids vaccinated for measles would become a political issue? Unfortunately, that's exactly what's happened in this era of self-centered behavior that shows little regard for the welfare of others.

Dave Zweifel: The real Trump outrage is happening behind the Twitter distractions

While he commands the news cycles with another bizarre and outlandish tweet that every media outlet feels obligated to report, the sleaze among his appointees continues unnoticed.

Dave Zweifel: Trump’s comments to congresswomen reveal his racist ideals

Imagine if Barack Obama had said to Trump during his campaign of belittling America — if things are so bad, why don't you go back to where you came from?

Dominique Paul Noth: How far left is too left?

The answer may depend on where you live. Folks in New York City and Los Angeles and perhaps even Chicago seem to relish the ideas that moderate Democrats call extreme. In states like Wisconsin, where the voters may lean Democratic, the successful gerrymandering of a decade has locked the Republicans in legislative power -- despite a smart Democratic governor.

Dominique Paul Noth: Mueller’s expected dryness already kindling sparks

I hope everyone listens to Mueller’s House testimony. Yet don’t expect him to draw a simple road map for the unthinking. He clearly believes his report has outlined his findings and explains his limitations as a dutiful member of the Justice Department, which has opined that a sitting president can’t easily (some say ever) be criminally indicted.

George Mitchell: The dark side of Justice Abrahamson

A great legal scholar, but her style created bitter turmoil on the court.

George Mitchell: The enduring reality of prison reform misinformation

Myths about incarceration causes preventing real discussion of prison population reduction problems.

Gregory Humphrey: Government much needed in times like explosion in Madison

It was another lesson as to why government is essential in our lives, and the ones we pay to do this work are most deserving of our deep appreciation.

Gregory Humphrey: Wisconsin schools should follow Madison West High regarding free condoms

Too often the issue of sex education becomes a one-way lane to only talking about abstinence. While there are legitimate reasons to encourage teens to wait for their emotional growth to match their bodies, it is also incumbent on schools to address the reality of what is actually occurring for many of our youth.

Greta Neubauer: Gerrymandering decision

The ruling was a disappointing one for many of us in Wisconsin, dashing hopes that the Supreme Court would set standards for fair maps in Wisconsin after years under a partisan gerrymander.

Howard Marklein: Crossing the border to fill the tank

For Illinois drivers, gas is 26¢ cheaper in Wisconsin.

Howard Marklein: There is more to the vetoes than meets the eye

Digging deeper into Gov. Tony Evers’ state budget vetoes.

James Rowen: ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ needs revival, elevation in Wisconsin

We know our warming, stormier planet is in crisis mode. Which means we know it's time to revive the sanity and simple science behind a half-century-old precept--"Think Globally, Act Locally."

James Rowen: Walker’s soft landing in the heart of the welfare state

Walker's announced punt out of Wisconsin politics in 2021 leaves him plenty of time to change his mind - - but he says he's off to run a youth-oriented right wing foundation in suburban Virginia near DC and turn America's young people away from socialism.

James Rowen: WI GOP finds new route for fossilized anti-city bias

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is extending his party's assault on Gov. Evers' veto powers by targeting money that might be spent on Milwaukee city rail, which Republicans have been sand-bagging forever.

James Rowen: WI GOP legislators use cheesehead McConnellism to further de-legitimize Evers

The GOP monkey-wrenching duo of Fitzgerald and Vos running the Wisconsin State Legislature is approaching the seventh month of holding hostage the confirmation of any and all Tony Evers' cabinet secretary nominations.

James Wigderson: Proposed amendment would limit governor’s veto power

Governor Tony Evers' budget vetoes actually increased government spending, something that was not supposed to be possible.

Jay Heck: Redistricting now up to citizen action

U.S. Supreme Court decision leaves it up to voters to demand non-partisan redistricting.

Jeff Smith: Enough of divide-and-conquer politics

Once again Vos and Fitzgerald try to scapegoat Milwaukee.

Jeff Smith: This is no time for legislators to rest

Many assume legislators are on summer break after passing the budget, and I can’t help but wonder why. After all, families are still struggling to make ends meet, thousands of us are still waiting for affordable health care and many public schools continue to lack much needed resources. The list is long, and I can honestly say I’m having trouble relaxing this "summer break" knowing our needs haven’t been met.

Jennifer Shilling: Wisconsin Democrats’ vision prioritizes future success

Our state, our communities, and our families deserve the Democratic vision that works towards better outcomes and a brighter tomorrow.

Jim Maas: Back to the quagmire

Deployments which have nothing to do with the security of America or Wisconsin take a toll on our Guard soldiers, their families, employers or their education, even if all survive the fiasco. We call upon Governor Evers to keep our troops at home unless the Wisconsin Legislature recognizes a national emergency which requires the use of Wisconsin’s soldiers.

John Mielke: Prevailing wage proponents not always forthright

The truth is that since prevailing wage was repealed in Wisconsin, apprenticeship numbers are at a ten-year high, construction wages continue to increase faster than inflation, and virtually every construction union contract was renegotiated with a wage increase. All occurred without prevailing wage.

John Nichols: Evers just outwitted Vos and the GOP

Republicans agreed to so much of what Evers asked for that they faced a revolt by conservatives who said they were giving in to the governor.

John Nichols: Gerrymandering empowers obstructionists like Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald

The biggest problem affecting the state budget process is the gerrymandering of the Legislature, which is now so severe that legislators are less interested in respecting the will of the people than at any time in Wisconsin history.

John Nichols: It was not a dream, it was Wisconsin

Robert M. La Follette died in 1925, having transformed Wisconsin and made it a North Star for the nation. William T. Evjue lived on to 1970. Their legacies have been battered by politicians without conscience, the Scott Walkers and Paul Ryans who used Wisconsin as a springboard for their national ambitions, but they have not been erased.

John Nichols: Wisconsin has spawned another GOP hypocrite

U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher wants to be seen as a reasonable Republican who is not as bigoted as the president, but he refuses to actually stand up to the president.

John Torinus: Bernie’s numbers look low for Medicare for All

Some economists predict that health costs will start to soar well about the 4% inflation rate starting in 2020. If they are right, the $60 trillion projection for the cost of Medicare for All over 10 years will be way low.

Jon Erpenbach: State needs equal pay law for women

Wisconsin Republicans repealed Equal Pay Enforcement Act in 2012.

Jonah Goldberg: Paul Ryan is once again being cast as a pariah

Note: If this post has anything to do with Evers, the Evers administration or lame-duck legislation and related lawsuits, please tag it as Evers...

Ken Wysocky: Labor shortage stems from minority education gap

Lack of minority high school and college grads and wide prosperity gaps will only exacerbate the region’s growing employee shortage, business leaders fear.

Kerri Seyfert: How Wisconsin fully funded its retirement system

As many state pension plans struggle with severe underfunding, the Wisconsin Retirement System stands out with a funded ratio above 100 percent.

Kurt Bauer: Congress must ratify the USMCA

The USMCA is good economic policy, and it would fuel our industry forward for decades to come.

Louis Jacobson: 6 months in, most rookie governors are thriving

Following years of turmoil and gridlock in many states, newly elected governors are getting a lot done.

Matt Cordio: The tech industry means more jobs for Wisconsin

A new report shows traditional tech hubs like California and New York are no longer the only place benefitting from the tech industry. The growth of consumer technology is having a positive economic impact all over the country, including right here in Wisconsin.

Melissa Sargent: Limited legal pot is not enough

Fully legal cannabis has far more economic, social and health benefits.

Michael Cummins: Lead by example

If you teach children to disrespect teachers, they will do so.

Mike Gallagher: Peer support is key to veterans reconnecting back home

The transition back to civilian life is filled with obstacles large and small. And just as we took care of each other in combat, I believe veterans have a duty to make sure their fellow service members don’t get left behind as they reintegrate into society.

Owen Robinson: Veto reform is badly needed

Wisconsin’s governor’s veto authority makes him or her too powerful. It was true for Governor Walker. It is true for Governor Evers. It will be true for the next governor. It will be true for the one after that unless we change it.

Paul Fanlund: Cap Times Idea Fest is back with another outstanding lineup

Cap Times Idea Fest is slated for Sept. 13-14 .

Paul Fanlund: Don’t let the far left’s litmus tests boost Donald Trump

When credible Democratic candidates like Elizabeth Warren play to the party’s extreme fringe, they risk alienating crucial centrist voters.

Paul Fanlund: To beat Trump, Dems had better understand their own party

Liberal and very liberal Democrats would do well not to stereotype moderate Democrats who fear an election debacle as timid and too willing to accept the status quo just because they prefer a non-radical agenda most focused on jobs.

Rick Graber: Wisconsin must continue to lead on school choice

Wisconsin can and should continue to lead the way on education reform.

Robert W. Poole Jr: Misconceptions on tolling’s potential

Wisconsin needs to face the reality of declining fuel-tax revenue and transition to per-mile charges.

Rohn Bishop: Wisconsin needs four more years of Trump’s economic policies – minus tariffs

The ongoing trade war is threatening to derail all of the great things President Trump has accomplished for our economy, especially here in Wisconsin.

Sarah Endicott: Time for full practice authority for advanced practice registered nurses

We need to allow full practice authority for advanced practice registered nurses so that the people of Wisconsin can access the healthcare they need and deserve.

Scott Walker: Celebrating freedom, SCOTUS ruling on redistricting, and notes on the Democrats’ debate

Former Gov. Scott Walker in his “You Can't Recall Courage” talkes about the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on partisan gerrymandering, the first Democratic presidential debates and more.

Scott Walker: Standing for life, talking the recent iran controversy and the news of...

Former Gov. Scott Walker discusses Democrats’ comments on anti-abortion legislation in Virginia, Iran and more in his “You Can't Recall Courage” podcast.

Steven Walters: Why Evers won’t veto Republican budget

Here are seven reasons why Democratic Gov. Tony Evers won’t veto the entire 2019-21 budget passed by Republican legislators but instead will rework it with line-item vetoes.

Steven Walters. Budget passes. Thank the economy

When the state’s economy is printing money, unemployment is at a record low, and income taxes paid by corporations are running 57% ahead of last year because of federal tax reforms, governors and legislators can all smile and agree on a new state budget.

Tammy Baldwin: How Democrats can take back these crucial states from Trump

U.S. Sen, Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, share strategies to help Democratic presidential candidates compete in the Midwest.

Tia Nelson: Proposed high-voltage transmission line is the wrong energy future for Wisconsin

The costly “Cardinal-Hickory Creek” transmission line is not needed for reliability, is not economically justified, and should be rejected by Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission.

Tom Loftus: The new arms race in the Arctic

Global warming has created a new ocean in the Arctic, and that poses challenges for the Pentagon in the geopolitical battle with Russia and other nations.

Tom Still: Seeing it is believing it: Wisconsin tech growth is tangible

Wisconsin is a state with a growing tech-based economy, something people outside its borders enthusiastically grasp once they see and touch it.

Tom Still: State economy should grow through 2020, but wild cards in deck

In a market economy, what goes up can easily go down, especially when domestic and world events threaten stability. Investors, companies and consumers alike get jumpy when confronted with trade wars, Middle East standoffs, uncertainty in the European Union and more.

Tom Tiffany: President Trump’s USMCA speech reminds us to focus on the economy

President Trump’s July 12 speech in Milwaukee reminded us that no matter what flashy issue dominates political headlines at any given moment, we need to continue to keep focus on how to make our economy stronger.

Will Flanders: Students in Milwaukee’s school choice program more likely to graduate from college

Using rigorous research methods, a new study found that students in Milwaukee’s school choice program are more likely to enroll in, and graduate from, four year colleges.

WisOpinion Poll: Should the Legislature override Evers’ budget veto on local road funding?

DOT Secretary Craig Thompson recently announced the administration will create a committee that includes agency staff and representatives of local government to evaluate applications...

WisOpinion Poll: Should the state constitution be amended to prevent governors from increasing spending...

Two GOP lawmakers are circulating a proposed constitutional amendment that would further reign in the guv's line-item veto authority after Gov. Tony Evers used...

WisOpinion Poll: Who won the state budget battle in Wisconsin?

Gov. Tony Evers has signed the two-year budget, but only after using his partial veto authority to pump nearly $100 million more into K-12...

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ consider the state budget’s impact on 2020 legislative elections

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, predict which budget issues will figure in the 2020 legislative elections. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate approaches to ensuring clean water

The WisOpinion Insiders, Jensen & Chvala, debate clean water, big dairy and lead contamination in Milwaukee. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ declare legislative Republicans winners of state budget battle

This time, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala & Jensen, are in agreement: legislative Republicans won the battle of the budget. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the transportation budget

This week on WisOpinion.com’s ‘The Insiders’: Chvala and Jensen take long- and short-term views of Wisconsin's transportation budget. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and...
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