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Andrew Gussert: Investing in Wisconsin’s future

Prioritizing and investing in afterschool time not only leads to better outcomes for our kids, it leads to a healthier, safer and more prosperous nation.

Angela Lang and Mike Tate: How to win Wisconsin

What national media and political operatives don't get about the Badger State.

Bill Berry: Don’t take your local news sources for granted

If your community has a good local news source, use it, or you’ll lose it. The demise of outlets like local daily newspapers and news radio stations is bad news for our communities.

Bill Kaplan: Can a Democrat succeed Duffy?

Yes, if the Democratic campaign is run on bread-and-butter issues.

Bill Kaplan: Climate crisis, listen to young people

Together we must listen to young people and save the planet from mad-made disasters.

Bill Kaplan: Health care is on the line

Wisconsin voters should encourage GOP legislators to do right: ring the Madison Capitol Square with posters of GOP governors and legislators from around the nation on why they supported Medicaid expansion for their states.

Bill Kaplan: Impeaching Trump

Trump put his personal and political interests above the nation’s. And, he tried to cover it up.

Bobbi Wilson: Dairy exports are not the answer

Exports don’t actually bring better prices. In dairy, exports have reached historic highs — now topping 15% of the total U.S milk supply — but that growth has failed to provide farmers a livable wage.

Bruce Murphy: Bradley Foundation works to kill food aid

Working with Koch groups, they push Trump to slash safety net.

Bruce Murphy: Foxconn will make coffee houses!

Er, make that coffee hauses. Run by robots. And made to order in “Wisconn Valley.”

Bruce Murphy: Key Foxconn executive steps down

Ever-shrinking project loses second key executive this year.

Bruce Murphy: Lame duck laws hurting the state

Tying hands of Attorney General stalls 15 lawsuits, could cost taxpayers millions.

Bruce Murphy: State far behind on renewable energy

Report finds Minnesota has 5 times more wind power, 16 times more solar than Wisconsin.

Bruce Murphy: State helps fund murky pro-life group

What exactly does Choose Life Wisconsin do with the money it gets?

Bruce Thompson: Gerrymandering is built on lies

Which is why the North Carolina plan was overruled. Wisconsin’s is very similar.

Bruce Thompson: Rethinking state economic policies

What do state policies on Foxconn and dairy industry have in common?

Bruce Thompson: The use and abuse of jobs data

Walker administration used flimsy interpretations of jobs reports to put a positive spin on the state's economy.

Caleb Frostman: On the 125th Labor Day, workers fight on

Labor Day represents and celebrates so much more than cookouts and one last swim at the lake; it acknowledges the sacrifice and struggle of the American worker to win rights by banding together for the economic advancement of the greater workforce.

Casey Hoff: Chippewa Falls child death: Should we treat kids as adults in our...

The tragic Wisconsin case involving the 10-year-old girl charged with homicide demonstrates the need to re-examine whether young children should be facing the most serious adult penalties in the adult criminal justice system, as opposed to being held accountable in the juvenile system.

Charles Sykes: A GOP spat in Wisconsin

Jim Sensenbrenner might be retiring, but he’s still plenty influential in his home state. Just ask Scott Walker.

Chris Taylor, 9 local officials: Strong community opposition needed to avoid harms of F-35s

The negative impacts of the F-35 deployment are too great, and we question why Truax is a top pick when the impact on our community is the most severe in terms of the wide area affected as well as the disproportionate impacts on children, people with low incomes and people of color out of the five sites being considered.

Craig Eley: Subjecting communities to F-35 noise is the opposite of ‘freedom’

I understand that for many people, the F-35s are more than a fleet of jets. They represent economic development, or are symbols of American military power and even of “freedom” itself. However, subjecting a densely populated area of Wisconsin to the constant threat of window-rattling, ear splitting noise that can strike at any time runs counter to the idea of freedom.

Dale Kooyenga: Why did MPS leaders protest more federal money?

They’re opposed because the $5 billion in new educational investment would be directed by state-based not-for-profits in conjunction with students and parents, not bureaucrats.

Dan O’Donnell: The marijuana myth

That marijuana is completely harmless–is and has always been a lie crafted by the dishonest and believed by the uninformed.

Dan O’Donnell: A case of the Mondays

For the first time in at least 40 years (and possibly ever), an election in the state will take place on a Monday after Evers issued an executive order scheduling a special election to replace now-retired Republican Congressman Sean Duffy on Monday, January 27th, 2020. A primary, should one be necessary, will be held on Monday, December 30th, 2019.

Dan O’Donnell: As goes Milwaukee …

Abele is crying poverty even though Milwaukee County and the City of Milwaukee receive by far the most money in shared revenue and overall aid from state taxpayers.

Dan O’Donnell: Sign of the times

For the third straight school year, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) reports that far fewer than half of the state’s third through 11th graders are proficient in reading.

Dave Cieslewicz: A smaller Camp Randall?

I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a proposal in the next few years to actually reduce the size of Camp Randall.

Dave Cieslewicz: Invest in the UW

You may disagree with me about the relative importance of student debt, but we can probably agree that at least returning to a pre-recession public investment in our public universities would be in everyone’s best interest.

Dave Zweifel: ‘Harry and Louise’ are back to scare us away from health care...

The "Partnership for America's Health Care Future" was formed by — guess who? — a consortium of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the nation's major health insurance companies, the association of private hospitals and the American Medical Association, all of which profit immensely from the current broken system. The goal, of course, is to defeat Medicare for All and even less ambitious plans, no matter the costs.

Dave Zweifel: ‘Unvarnished’ book brings Ed Garvey’s voice to life

My longtime friend Ed Garvey passed away more than two-and-a-half years ago. Yet it was like he was in my living room last week while I was reading Rob Zaleski's just-released book, "Ed Garvey Unvarnished."

Dave Zweifel: At his funeral, blogger Jeff Simpson leaves good advice

At his funeral, it was revealed that Jeff had written one more blog. He didn't post it anywhere, but had asked that his pastor share it with the people who were there.

Dave Zweifel: Even in these trying times, union solidarity marches on

Union solidarity marches on, even with its fewer numbers and roadblocks from unfriendly and corporate-tethered politicians.

Dave Zweifel: Hope to see you all at the Cap Times Idea Fest this...

This will be the third annual and, from what the schedule portrays, promises to be better than the first two, both of which received rave reviews from the hundreds who attended.

Dave Zweifel: In place of Nails’ Tales, UW should honor a forgotten hero

Dave Schreiner indeed was a hero, not only on the Badger football field, but in World War II, where he gave his life in the battle of Okinawa, only a few weeks before the Japanese surrender.

Dave Zweifel: Look beyond the tweets for Trump’s devastation of American policies, traditions

As the 2020 election approaches, it's critical for America to look beyond the tweets.

Dave Zweifel: Tony Evers is right about GOP gun response: It’s BS

Hats off to Gov. Tony Evers for calling out Wisconsin legislative Republicans' position on guns for what it is — BS.

Dave Zweifel: Trump has made things worse for farmers, but will it matter?

What's been perplexing through the years is the Wisconsin agriculture community's love affair with the party that hasn't really ever done anything to help the farmers' economic plight.

Dave Zweifel: What’s on my mind these days? Walmart, sandhill cranes and Tom Tiffany

Let's clear my desk of a few notes I made to myself in recent days.

Dave Zweifel: Will Fitzgerald’s and Tiffany’s anti-democratic actions be rewarded?

Fitzgerald and Tiffany have decided to run for Congress in two open, normally Republican seats. They both are beating their chests on how much they've helped the state with their "bold" and "decisive" leadership. The big question now is whether their unconscionable attacks on the choices voters made at the ballot box will be rewarded, allowing them to practice their mischief in Washington.

David Blaska: The Ukrainian candidate

The latest contretemps over Trump’s telephone call to the president of Ukraine will change few minds.

Dominique Paul Noth: Public moving to genuine horror stories not Trump’s phony ones

Even as Trump conjures up the forces of darkness, this time, from now on, the Republicans’ imaginary nightmares can be beaten off by reminding the public of the real nightmares invading the waking moments of children and parents – not just border horrors but school shooting drills unlike the automatic fire drills and even A-bomb drills of our youths that everyone knew were a distant unlikely worry. Nothing distance about an assault weapon intruder. These monsters have become a palpable reality for every family in the nation.

Dominique Paul Noth: What seems progressive opportunity hits WI roadblocks

Wisconsin is the lagging hind end of the progressive charge, a limping straggler unable to make up its mind on important statewide contests. And without local enthusiasm, the progressive wave will crash against rocky shores.

Doug La Follette: Looking beyond the climate change numbers

Climate change is not just about numbers. It’s about people. Over the next few decades, climate change is going to directly affect you, me, and countless other Wisconsinites.

Dr. Anoop K. Singh and Dr. J. Carter Ralphe: Wisconsin should raise the age...

In Wisconsin, teen e-cigarette use has skyrocketed. In 2012, it was just 1.9%. In 2018, it’s up to 20%, or one in every five high school students.

Duey Stroebel: Back to school property taxes

The state budgetary decisions are back filling the increased spending by local districts — perhaps it’s time for local districts to instead be held more accountable for their spending.

Erin Grunze: The time for redistricting reform in Wisconsin is now

Fair voting maps are fundamental to what makes democracy work.

Erin Grunze: We need redistricting reform now

Proposed bill would make process more representative, more transparent.

Evan Goyke: Time to end the GOP’s lame duck power grab

Kaul was elected attorney general. He should be allowed to settle cases just as every other attorney general in our state’s history has.

George Mitchell: The low test score news that went unreported

For a fraction of the public school costs, voucher students on average out-perform most public school students.

Gregory Hmphrey: Wonder why wisconsin voters grumble about government?

If voters from Mason to Orfordville need to have just one example of what is wrong with state government they need to look no further than the lack of confirming any of the selections Gov, Tony Evers made for his cabinet.

Gregory Humphrey: Gun control laws not coming to Wisconsin

The GOP legislature, which is being controlled by the National Rifle Association, will never allow for reasonable gun control bills to see the light of day.

Gregory Humphrey: Suicide funding in Wisconsin needs to be taken seriously

The money that the state budget authorized for helping fund the Center For Suicide Awareness has not yet been allocated.

Howard Marklein: Almond “milk” is not milk, veggie “burgers” are not burgers and fake...

Rep. Travis Tranel, R-Cuba City, Rep. Loren Oldenburg, R-Viroqua and I have introduced three bills to tell the Truth in Food Labeling.

Howard Marklein: Our rainy day fund is ready

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. The Wisconsin Legislature has been working...

Howard Marklein: Working with rural schools

As the legislative session continues, I am leading several bills that will further support the needs of rural school districts.

James Rowen: In year three, Walkercon blight in sharper focus

Perfectly-fine homes and valuable farmland was taken through threats of government seizure because the properties could be labeled blighted.

James Wigderson: Young man in a hurry

The impatience of youth is well-known. Matt Walker is a bright, capable young man and most districts would be well-represented by someone like him. However, given the example of his father, perhaps someone should ask Walker, "What's the hurry?"

Janet Bewley: The right way forward for mental health

Bewley highlights legislation to improve mental health care.

Jeff Kelly: The F-35 is already obsolete

The state-of-the-art fighter jet proposed for Madison has a long history of problems.

Jeff Smith: Test your deer for chronic wasting disease

In the last few years, we’ve seen an accelerated spread of CWD throughout our state — we need to take CWD seriously and take steps to stop the spread.

Jeffrey Sommers: Republicans are blaming teachers for their own education failures

After record spending cuts to Wisconsin schools, Vos and the GOP-gerrymandered Wisconsin Assembly gave roughly only a paltry third of the funding increases to education requested by Gov. Tony Evers. This small increase, after the record cuts of recent years, then led Vos to feign frustration by asking, what are they doing with all that money?

Jessie Opoien: The Air Force’s F-35s will be a boon to Madison and Wisconsin,...

As the community and the Air Force take the next steps toward a final decision, we have an opportunity to work together to propose solutions, reach compromises and forge a partnership that benefits all of Madison.

Joe Solmonese: Our commitment to Wisconsin — and beating Donald Trump — is strong

While we’re a little under a year out from the convention, our commitment to the people of Wisconsin has already begun.

John Nichols: Bernie Sanders: We still need an Economic Bill of Rights

Nichols sits down with Sanders to discuss whether the Democratic Party of the 21st century might again become as ideologically bold as it was in the latter stages of the New Deal era.

John Nichols: F-35 project is the military-industrial complex at its worst

The F-35 project is an example of commercial greed at its most indefensible. It has no place in Madison or anywhere else in Wisconsin.

John Nichols: North Carolina has won a huge victory in the fight against rigged...

There is now hope that savvy legal and political strategies really can begin to upend gerrymandering across the country.

John Nichols: Road to future of the Democratic Party runs through northern Wisconsin

Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy will quit his House seat later this month, and the special election to replace him offers Democrats a golden opportunity to frame out the next politics of the state — and the nation.

John Nichols: Wisconsin needs to start taking criminal justice reform seriously

The federal government can do more. So can states from California to Wisconsin. And the old excuses of partisan division and ideological disagreement don’t cut it.

John Torinus: Wisconsin Labor Day woes and ways forward

There can be little denial that Wisconsin, burdened by Milwaukee, has lagged the nation in economic vibrancy for five decades. The only growth exception was the Tommy Thompson era. As a punctuation point, Wisconsin has ranked in the bottom five states for job growth so far in 2019. Gov. Evers has a major challenge ahead.

Jon Erpenbach: Legislature should put students first

Long-term school funding, teacher experience, student test scores are all down.

Jonathan Anderson: Top Wisconsin lawmakers use costs to rebuff records requests

Open government is a proud tradition in Wisconsin. Charging requesters exorbitant fees frustrates that tradition and the spirit of the public records law. The citizens of this state deserve better from Nygren and Vos.

Joy First: Tammy Baldwin cannot support F-35 program while claiming progressivism

Baldwin cannot vote for billions of dollars for war and claim to be a progressive.

LaKeshia Myers: Historically black colleges and universities: Candles in the Dark

I implore all of us to celebrate National HBCU Week by taking time to research information about historically black colleges, learn the history and purpose of these institutions and know that they are still in existence today for good reason.

Lena Taylor: Shared revenue aka ‘a money grab’

Today, Milwaukee County and City officials report receiving less than 50% on every dollar they send to the state. It is crippling budgets and hamstringing critical services. To further add injury to insult, the state also places unfunded mandates on our local governments.

Michael Rosen and Charlie Dee: Tony Evers is reversing Scott Walker’s negligence on for-profit...

As former Gov. Scott Walker slashed Wisconsin university and tech college budgets, he was a tireless champion of the for-profit sector and ripped away protections from students targeted by this predatory industry.

Mike McCabe: Bleeding is news. Healing should be too.

What has happened in Baraboo since some high school students were photographed making a Nazi salute last November hasn’t been treated as news but should be.

Mike Nichols: Taxpayers taken for a ride: The Milwaukee streetcar

The Hop, a $128 million streetcar that travels a 2.1-mile loop in downtown Milwaukee, is a classic boondoggle made possible by federal grants. Meanwhile, the Joseph Project, a Milwaukee transportation enterprise that rejects government funding, is helping central city.

Ola Lisowski: The MacIver Institute’s State of K-12 Education: 2019 edition

How do Wisconsin’s students, teachers and schools measure up? Are taxpayers receiving a decent return on their investment?

Owen Robinson: Governor Evers is considering tyranny

Gov. Tony Evers would consider a full assault on our civil rights by having our government use its police power to confiscate firearms from law-abiding people. It is a disgraceful and tyrannical attitude from our governor.

Owen Robinson: Sensenbrenner’s final term

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner will be justifiably lauded for his accomplishments. He has truly been an anchor for Wisconsin Conservatism for a generation and an instrumental part of Wisconsin’s history. But I hope he will also be lauded for never losing sight of the fact that he was, first and foremost, a representative, in the full and truest sense of that word.

Owen Robinson: Washington County to have an elected executive

After much debate and a second vote by the County Board, Washington County will have a county executive. The structural change in government offers the citizens of Washington County an opportunity to reset the direction of the county for years to come.

Patrick Testin: Doctors and patients, not government, should decide if cannabis is the right...

It’s time for government to stop turning patients into criminals.

Paul Fanlund: Backstage at Cap Times Idea Fest 2019

Idea Fest 2019 was our biggest and best. Last year, we had only one session — the keynote panel featuring national political celebrity David Axelrod — that justified using large-capacity Shannon Hall. This year we had seven.

Paul Fanlund: Does health care seem like the only Democratic presidential issue?

Provoked in part by media questioners, Democrats running for president talk incessantly about health-care politics. It’s as if the economy, climate change, firearms, foreign affairs and immigration hardly matter.

Paul Fanlund: For some, creating political chaos is the goal

There appears to be a substantial subset of Americans for whom fomenting chaos is the goal. They exist on both sides, although, evidenced by Donald Trump, they are far more common on the right.

Paul Fanlund: If Donald Trump is the villain, how come Joe Biden is a...

President Trump’s gambit was so audacious, illegal and un-American that a reluctant House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced to launch an impeachment inquiry against Trump. So why does it feel like Joe Biden is already a loser in this?

Rep. LaKeshia Myers: When the ditchdigger comes

Since the president took the oath of office he has lived as though he was untouchable. But as the proverb says, “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). It may have taken time, but the ditchdigger has come to collect his due.

Robert W. Poole Jr: Why are Wisconsin’s highways in the bottom third nationwide?

Poor pavement condition and high spending mean the state isn't getting top value from its highway dollars.

Ryan Owens: Badgercast podcast with Rep. Evan Goyke

The Thompson Center's Ryan Owens interviews Rep. Evan Goyke, D-Milwaukee.

Ryan Owens: Thompson Center Badgercast with Christopher Scalia, author and son of Justice Antonin...

On this week's Badgercast: Christopher Scalia, PhD, director of academic programs, American Enterprise Institute & co-author of "Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived" and "On Faith: Lessons from an American Believer."

Scott Coenen: True energy independence

We need to find ways not only to increase our energy supplies but to decrease the demand side of the oil equation. This is where electric vehicles and electrified transportation can have a huge impact.

Spencer Black: Climate crisis concerns are growing — and could jeopardize Trump’s reelection hopes

The strong voter concern about the climate crisis combined with the very high disapproval of Trump’s performance on climate is political dynamite. It can blow up Trump’s chances for reelection.

Steven Walters: Congressional primaries can surprise

The most interesting fights for Wisconsin U.S. House seats often occur in the primaries. One reason for that is those jobs just don’t come open very often.

Steven Walters: Legislature might debate few fall-session issues

The Assembly and Senate might each be in session only one or two days in October and November.

Tom Still: Resistance to F-35s follows a familiar — and undesirable — Madison pattern

As if the Pentagon didn’t have enough to worry about with Iran, North Korea and hostile governments elsewhere, it must now contend with the Madison School Board.

Will Flanders: New book: Lax school discipline policy a factor in Parkland school shooting

A new book by Manhattan Institute Scholar Max Eden and Andrew Pollack, the father of a Parkland school shooting victim, sheds new light on the catastrophic role politically correct “positive” discipline policies played in the 2018 Parkland shooting and how those practices are hurting America’s schools.

Will Flanders: Truth is, choice schools do not cherrypick best students from MPS

The notion of “creaming” is pervasive among opponents of school choice. But the evidence does not support it.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate whether Wisconsin legislators will initiate new gun laws

Against a background of high-profile mass shootings, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, debate whether Wisconsin legislators will initiate new gun laws. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the dustup over JFC oversight of DOJ settlements

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala & Jensen, assess the political fallout as the GOP-run Joint Finance Committee wrestles with a lame-duck law requiring oversight of settlements by AG Josh Kaul. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the race for the 7th CD

With candidates maneuvering for the congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Weston, on Sept. 23, WisOpinion Insiders Chvala & Jensen handicap which party has the better chance to win the seat. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the status of Evers’ cabinet appointments

As the Republican-controlled Senate so far has not approved any of Gov. Tony Evers' cabinet secretaries, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, debate this unusual situation. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.
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