Contact: Sachin Chheda
414-412 6099

MILWAUKEE – “This is astonishing. For years Robin Vos has proclaimed his messianic leadership as the reason his party has taken many more seats than the votes suggest they should get, but now that he might have to swear to his position under oath, he is scurrying away as fast as he can. They’ve spent millions of taxpayer dollars, and they’ve refused to release data, contracts, and comply with open records requests and discovery, but now he won’t put up his right hand and swear that he’s telling the truth. This tells you what you need to know—the federal court that ruled their rigged district maps unconstitutional was correct. It’s time to return power to the people, and make our redistricting process nonpartisan and independent.”

-Sachin Chheda serves as director of the Fair Elections Project, which organized and launched the Whitford case, and as chair of the WI Fair Maps Coalition, which includes 15 organizations committed to nonpartisan, independent redistricting reform.

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