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RACINE — The Neubauer for Justice campaign today released its first television ad, entitled “Highest Court.” The ad highlights Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer’s experience keeping our community safe, and notes her broad support from the judicial and law enforcement communities in WIsconsin. The ad can be seen here.

Of note, Judge Neubauer enjoys 98% of the judicial endorsements in the race, having been endorsed by 331 current and former Wisconsin judges. That dwarfs the 6 judges who are publicly endorsing her opponent. She also has been endorsed by 80 Republican and Democratic elected sheriffs and district attorneys, and hundreds of local and state elected officials and community leaders.

This ad release comes while Neubauer’s “scandal-plagued” opponent faces renewed criticism for radical anti-LGBTQ views, with a media report indicating he has received multiple payments over the court of years from an organization designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks neo-Nazi and other hate-based organizations across North America. This follows previous reports that detailed a blog in which he compared same-gender relationships to relationships between people and animals, and news that a school that he founded discriminates against LGBTQ families.

“Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer has the overwhelming support of the Wisconsin judiciary and law enforcement community because she is fair, impartial, and independent,” said Tyler Hendricks, campaign manager. “Wisconsinites are sick of partisan, politicized judges with an agenda, and that’s why on April 2, we will vote for the candidate with more experience, the right temperament, and the record of independence that our state demands – Judge Lisa Neubauer.”

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