In regard to running for Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District seat in Congress, Rep. Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) issued the following statement:

“Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s retirement came as a surprise. Not only was he a mentor to me, but he’s been a rock solid, highly effective congressman. My first memories of politics involve Congressman Sensenbrenner. I worked for him for over three years, starting out as his driver and eventually moving to his office in Washington DC. Congressman Sensenbrenner taught me more about politics than school ever could. I’ve never experienced such an encyclopedia-like knowledge of politics, policy, religion and history.

“Someone else will be elected to the 5th Congressional District, but Jim will never be replaced. His legacy will live on, alongside all his accomplishments that made Wisconsin and the country a better place.

“It would be an honor to follow in his footsteps and represent the people of Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District in the United States Congress. But the timing is not right for my family and I.

“After careful consideration, a lot of prayer and many discussions, I have decided not to run for Congress at this time. I am fully committed to re-election to the State Assembly and representing the people of the 98th Assembly District.

“To those reaching out I want to say thank you for your support and trust.”

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