MADISON, Wis. – The inland hook and line season for lake sturgeon is set to open on Sept. 5 through Sept. 30. Anglers will have the opportunity to catch these prehistoric fish while on waterways throughout Wisconsin.

To harvest lake sturgeon, anglers must have a valid hook and line lake sturgeon tag. Licenses and tags may be purchased online through the GoWild system, or at one of our licensed sales agents. Please visit the Fishing License Webpage for more information on licenses and tags. Anglers should also consult 2020-2021 Hook and Line Fishing Regulations as all regulation requirements apply.

If an angler catches a lake sturgeon that they wish to harvest, they must immediately validate their tag. Any harvested sturgeon must be registered at a designated registration station before 6 p.m. on the day it was harvested.

Despite not being able to conduct fish surveys this year, fisheries biologists forecast a strong hook and line lake sturgeon season. Visit the DNR’s inland lake sturgeon page for forecasts and detailed harvesting information.

It’s important to note that when fishing on Yellow Lake, anglers should be on the lookout for dangler tags on the dorsal fin of lake sturgeon. These tags are yellow with a five-digit number. Anglers may need to scratch off the algae in order to see the tag number. Please leave the tag on the fish and report the tag number to Craig Roberts at 715-416-0351 or

DNR creel survey clerks will be stationed at various landings during the hook and line lake sturgeon season. Clerks will be gathering information on angler catch and the amount of time spent fishing. Anglers who encounter these clerks are encouraged to partake in the survey.

The DNR encourages anglers to continue to practice responsible catch and release when releasing any fish they do not wish to keep. Advice on responsible catch and release can be found on the DNR’s responsible release page.

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