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Joe Biden openly admitted at the last presidential debate that, if elected president, he would not only ban fracking but would destroy the entire oil industry, full-steam ahead.   

This might seem like a distant issue that doesn’t make much difference to regular Wisconsinites. Nothing could be further from the truth.   

A recent report by the Global Energy Institute estimates that banning fracking would cost the average Wisconsin family $400 to $500 more each month – approximately $6,000 each year – in increased energy and living costs by 2025.   

Estimates from the Global Energy Institute show that a fracking ban in 2021 would eliminate 19 million jobs, many of them in manufacturing-heavy states like Wisconsin.   

And here’s why. To be competitive with other nations, like China, the U.S. needs to maintain low energy costs. When energy costs go up, the cost of production likewise increases, causing a shift in manufacturing to other countries. This derails American jobs and cripples American businesses.   

When people lose their jobs and the economy sinks into weakness, tax collections are depressed and ultimately restrict funds for schools, first responders, roads, and other important public services.   

This would be catastrophic for Wisconsin’s economy and would add years to the post-coronavirus recovery process. But unfortunately, Joe Biden doesn’t care and he doesn’t stop there.   

Biden also wants to force Wisconsin to be carbon neutral in fifteen short years, expecting us to shift 76% of Wisconsin electric generation from natural gas and coal to unreliable wind and solar.   

This would waste billions decommissioning power plants which have decades of use left, and which electric users have paid for. And it would cost taxpayers additional billions of dollars and force subsequent electricity bills to skyrocket.   

Why trade reliable natural gas generation for unreliable industrial wind and solar energy, where blades and panels wear out in just 20 to 30 years and must be disposed of and replaced? And where in Wisconsin would we put 10,000 wind towers – in your backyard?  

For Wisconsinites, this should make the next US Presidential choice clear.   

While Biden has pledged to destroy a major part of America’s economy and cripple Wisconsin residents under heavy energy costs, President Trump has led the United States back to energy independence for the first time since 1957 – which means all Americans pay less for gas, electricity, and other energy that they and their employers use. It also ensures that the U.S. and her allies are more safe and secure, and not at the mercy of the energy policies of OPEC or Russia.    

Biden’s fracking ban and net zero emissions plan for the next 15 years will harm Wisconsinites with increased energy costs, lost jobs, hurt our economy, and force us to pay more – all the while, not lower greenhouse gases at all.  

In contrast, President Trump’s energy independence policy provides low cost, reliable, abundant energy which will speed us to a healthy economy sooner.   

Why support a presidential candidate that wants to increase the power of foreign nations over us on something as vital as energy, or a candidate that wants to increase your energy costs, cut your jobs and sink the economy?    

Wisconsinites, let us keep our independence and leadership in the world. It means more jobs here at home, more security for our families, a healthier economy and greater safety for every American. Vote accordingly.   

–Frank Lasee is a former Wisconsin State Senator and former member of Governor Walker’s administration. The district he represented had two nuclear power plants, a biomass plant and numerous wind towers. He has deep experience dealing with energy, the environment and climate.

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