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Dear Mr. Mobley:

I read your opinions regarding Covid -19 on the WisPolitics website. Needless to say my wife and I were appalled to be constrained to the scrap heap of Wisconsin’s society by your proposal that the vulnerable be “ISOLATED” and let everyone else get on with their lives free of any science and medical based mitigating virus precautions. We were unaware that you were some how made GOD and given the responsibility to pass judgement on the elderly and the vulnerable. I am 78 years of age and my wife is 70 years old and she does not possess an immune system with which to fight the virus. Needless to say we take every precaution available to avoid contracting Covid-19 and are grateful when others also practice Covid safety.

We totally disagree with your contention that the rest of Wisconsin has “the right to ignore science and data” and refuse to do something as simple as wear a mask. NO RIGHT IS ABSOLUTE! Rights are conditional. The exercise of individual liberties depend upon whether or not they jeopardize the health, safety and general welfare of society. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SPREAD A LETHAL VIRUS. No one has the freedom to kill others in our society.

There is nothing in the Bill of Rights that says you can become a “clear and present danger to others.” Your idea is to let the virus run its course so that eventually so many people will be infected that the outbreak will fizzle out because the germ finds it harder and harder to find a susceptible host Nearly three-quarters of Wisconsinites would have to become infected for this immunity to kick in. This would require 3.783 million Wisconsin citizens to be infected with roughly 7,000 -17,000 deaths resulting. For those infected nearly 100 kinds of long term impacts and damage has been catalogued. Scarred lungs, chronic heart damage, kidney failure, vision damage, memory loss, and debilitating fatigue has occurred with those recovered from Covid infection.

As an elected official it appears that you are oblivious to this deadly virus and blatantly ignorant of the needs and safety of the citizens of Thiensville and you have chosen to spread your ignorance statewide. You cannot see the difference between so-called overreach and the imperative for life-saving outreach. We suggest you follow the medical mandate “DO NO HARM!”

Respectfully yours
[the undeserving vulnerable]
Jerry and Mary Jo Hanson

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