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I served as Governor of Wisconsin under both Democratic and Republican presidents. Every president is tested by crisis – but the true question of leadership is whether one can bring the country together to rise above politics.

Today, the anxiety across our state and our country is palpable – Wisconsinites are feeling afraid, lonely, and isolated. But for all of the pain this pandemic has caused, it’s also shown the extraordinary goodness of our people: the brave nurse caring for patients in the emergency room, the teacher learning new ways to connect with students through distance learning, and the firefighters and first responders working around the clock to keep folks safe and healthy.

And even more than before, this pandemic has shown us that we need a leader in the White House who can unite our country and steer us through a crisis. That’s Joe Biden.

If Joe were in the White House, he would use science to combat this virus. He would make testing widely available and free – establishing at least ten mobile testing sites and drive-through facilities per state, so anybody who needs a test can get one. He’d invoke the Defense Production Act to make sure hospitals have the ventilators, respirator masks, and personal protective equipment they need to save lives and keep providers safe. And he’d make sure families and workers struggling don’t fall behind – he’d guarantee paid leave, forgive up to $10,000 of student debt, support small business, and much more.

I know Joe – I know he can rise above the small politics that has paralyzed Washington during the Trump Administration. During the Obama-Biden Administration, I worked closely with Joe – and what I noticed was how much he cared about people. His empathy and his focus on people – not politics – allowed Joe to break through and get big, progressive ideas across the finish line.

It was Joe who had the spine of steel to take on the NRA to pass background checks and a 10-year ban on assault weapons. It was Joe who had the courage and empathy to challenge the culture surrounding domestic violence and pass the Violence Against Women Act. It was Joe who led the charge to implement the Recovery Act, save our economy, invest in green energy, and unite the world around the Paris Climate Agreement. It was Joe who worked with President Obama to pass Obamacare, protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, and expand health care for more than 200,000 Wisconsinites.

Finally, we must restore dignity and empathy to the White House. Joe embodies what it means to be a true man of character. Born in working-class Scranton, he was raised to treat everybody with dignity and respect, no matter where they came from. Most importantly, Joe has the empathy we need in a president – he understands what it means to have a parent lose their job, to send a son off to war, and to experience the profound tragedy of losing a child. I’ve seen Joe up close – and I know he has the heart and strength to help our nation heal.

This election is consequential. Character is on the ballot – but so is experience. I’ve seen Joe up close and I know he’s ready and more than capable to do the job. So join me on April 7 and cast your ballot for Joe Biden – a proven leader who can steer us through a crisis, unite the country, and build a better future for all Wisconsinites.

— Doyle served as governor of Wisconsin from 2003-2011.

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