GREEN BAY, Wis.— Tonight, shortly after polls closed in the Badger State, Opportunity Wisconsin held a press conference at the KI Convention Center featuring area residents who voted either early in-person or by mail/dropbox this election season. Participants in the press conference reminded folks in Green Bay, and their friends and neighbors across the Badger State, why it is important that every eligible Wisconsin voter have their voice heard and their vote counted. The event was livestreamed on Facebook. 


“My ballot is inside this building, and I’m one of the thousands of Green Bay voters who cast their ballot by absentee,” said Jon Shelton, UW-Green Bay Professor and Opportunity Wisconsin steering committee member. “We are here today to say that, no matter what candidate you support, as Americans, we can all agree that EVERY VOTE COUNTS, and we call on our leaders to COUNT EVERY VOTE.”


“We all voted a little differently this year. All our votes matter and have the right to be counted, no matter how long it takes! Let’s be patient and let the process work, as designed,” said Jane Benson, a local small business owner. 


For democracy to work for all of us, every voter must have their voice heard and vote counted. Even in the midst of a pandemic that has left more than 2,000 Wisconsinites dead and hundreds of thousands searching for their next paycheck, our friends, family, and neighbors across the Badger State turned out in record numbers. And now our election officials are doing their job to count the votes, as they have in every previous election.


“It is exciting to see that so many people have voted early and by mail, it’s energizing to see that so many people are willing to stand in long lines today. But with so many more people voting, there needs to be more time given to count the votes fairly and justly,” said Deb Hutchinson, a retired science teacher and sustainability advocate.  


“No politician, regardless of party should try to silence citizens by not allowing them to vote or cast their ballots. Every ballot must be counted so that every voice can be heard,” said Jarrett Brown, a local factory worker. “Any attempt to subvert the will of the people is a threat to democracy and to our legitimacy on the world stage.”


The United States has always held elections and upheld a peaceful transfer of power, even in times of great crisis. We held successful presidential elections amid the Civil War, the Great Depression, and both World Wars. Now it’s our turn to prove that nothing will stand in the way of counting every vote and delivering our democracy.


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