MADISON, Wis. — This election season, Wisconsinites turned out in unprecedented numbers to vote for an economy that works for all of us — not just President Trump and his friends.


Opportunity Wisconsin Program Director Meghan Roh released the following statement in response to the latest results in the Badger State:


“Wisconsinites across race, place of origin and zip code, turned out in record numbers this election to stand with and for each other. While this isn’t over until every vote is counted across America, the Badger State spoke loud and clear: President Trump’s economic agenda only worked for wealthy people like him, not our families and neighbors here in Wisconsin. That’s why voters here rejected him.


“Our leaders should take it as a clear sign that Wisconsinites won’t accept an agenda that leaves us behind while giving handouts to the rich. In the next administration and the new Congress, we need champions who will do what it takes to deliver economic relief to working Wisconsinites who are facing the double-crisis of the pandemic and the economic downturn. We are depending on them to deliver.


“However, if they choose to stand in the way of this relief, like Senator Ron Johnson has this year, we will hold them accountable for not supporting economic relief for hard working Wisconsinites.”

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