MADISON- On Monday, the legislature met in special session, as ordered by Governor Evers. In this session, the legislature did not take action on the Criminal Justice Reform Package that was put together by the Wisconsin Black Legislative Caucus.

Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison), along side the Black Legislative Caucus, and fellow Democratic colleagues are unhappy with the decision to hold a skeletal session without legislative action or debate. Her remarks are below:

“The leadership of Governor Evers and Lieutenant Governor Barnes has been invaluable in this time. I thank them for calling this special session, and for bringing the bills created by the Wisconsin Black Legislative Caucus to the forefront. We know first hand how our systems have failed our communities, and failed to promote equity. I thank them for valuing our voices, and for translating it into action.”

“When the community is in crisis, leaders take action. This was an opportunity to pass common sense reform, and create change for the better. But our fight does not end today. We must continue to work towards common-sense solutions, and tangible action. Our communities deserve leaders who come to the table, and work towards solutions. Inaction is an injustice to the people of Wisconsin”

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