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It’s always been my belief that you know what to do with your money better than the government does. That’s why I’ve always been proud to fight for tax cuts on behalf of hard-working Wisconsin families.

This week, the nonpartisan Wisconsin Policy Forum published a report that noted that the tax burden Wisconsinites face has hit the lowest level in at least fifty years. In total, the state has seen eight straight years of decline in the amount of taxes individuals pay as a percentage of their income.

Since 2010, Republicans in the Senate and Assembly have made cutting taxes a priority, and have delivered real results. In fact, we’ve cut taxes by over $13 billion dollars during the last decade.

That means you’re keeping more of your hard-earned money to help pay for bills and other expenses you and your family face. It’s your money – you know how to spend it better than the government does.

At the same time we’ve cut taxes, Wisconsin’s economy has grown and state government continues to run a surplus. We’ve saved millions of dollars away into the state’s rainy day fund to make sure that we’re ready for any economic downturn, whenever that may hit. Wisconsin is in great shape to weather whatever storm comes next.

We know that not everyone is sharing in this prosperity. I’ve heard from some constituents in the 13th Senate District that have seen their property taxes increase this year. That’s why it’s my belief that we should be prioritizing a property tax cut in 2020 if state government has surplus funds.

It’s your money. When Wisconsin funds our priorities and still has money left over, we should give it back to the taxpayers.

– Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, is the Senate majority leaders and represents the 13th Senate District.


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