“There’s a lot to unpack in Governor Evers lengthy announcement today. But really, it’s more of the same.

I appreciate that the Governor has finally at least indicated that he is thinking about reopening the state’s economy, someday, maybe. He is creating roadblocks to reopening that are entirely subjective and may be months – or years – away from development. I agree with the Governor, however, that restarting the economy will be more like turning a dial than flipping a switch.

Unfortunately, his latest plan continues his misguided one-size-fits-all approach that penalizes huge parts of the state for the outbreaks in our metropolitan areas including my district of Racine and Kenosha counties. Nearly 70% of all Wisconsin COVID-19 cases are in the 6-county Milwaukee/Chicago Metro area, and another 14% are near Madison and Green Bay. Sixty-Two of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, reported ten or fewer new cases in the last week. But those counties are continued to be hamstrung by government order despite what is happening in those counties, or even neighboring counties.

Requiring two weeks straight of decreasing positive results means that Wisconsin could see 13 days of decreases, but if there is one more case on day 14, the previous 13 days are wiped out. Even areas of the state that have no cases for 2 weeks will be unable to reopen unless the whole state sees decreases. It’s lunacy. I know the Governor knows this, but it bears repeating, you can’t reduce from zero.

I also note that every other neighboring or “partnering” state has an end-date for their Stay at Home order at least 3 ½ weeks earlier than Wisconsin’s. In fact, every other state but two 1 that has an end date for their stay at home order has their end date at least two weeks prior to Wisconsin’s end date.

Buried in his “plan” is a prohibition on visits to nursing homes, rehab centers, long-term care, and correctional facilities until a vaccine is developed, which could be years away.
Finally, parents, students and teachers deserve an answer. Last Thursday, the Governor said that schools were closed until June 30. Today, he said they could open within 3-4 weeks during Phase 2 of his “plan”. Which is it?”

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