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The science is in and it is irrefutable. We now know what we have always known. We can’t stop the spread of the coronavirus and if we don’t come up with a vaccine (which is a distinct possibility) it will not be contained and it will spread throughout the entire human population.

Fortunately, the lethality of the virus is extraordinarily low and it only kills or sickens the most vulnerable among us. In these circumstances the correct course of action is for our leaders to tell the truth, do a better job isolating, protecting, and treating the vulnerable, and let everyone else get on with their lives minus the onerous, unwarranted, unconstitutional and ultimately useless public health restrictions to which we have been subjected over the last seven months.

The people of Wisconsin are moving in this direction but unfortunately some of our leaders in general, and Governor Tony Evers in particular, are too unscientific (or wicked and politically motivated), to recognize, acknowledge, and actually speak and act upon the truth. So it must be spoken for them. It is impossible to stop the spread of the coronavirus and the Governor’s expenditure of millions or even billions of dollars on a marketing campaign to “Stop the Spread” will not change that indisputable scientific fact.

Governor Evers’ failure to speak the truth, and continuing eagerness to promote a lie, has and is resulting in unnecessary worry and dashed expectations among Wisconsinites. Most try very hard to abide by these onerous rules. But as everyone who is scientifically trained knows, in the long run it really doesn’t matter how hard everyone tries. The public health rules tormenting the people can disrupt lives, destroy our economy, and deprive persons of experiences that they can only enjoy once, while ultimately killing us all, but they can’t stop the spread of the virus – even if everyone obeyed them perfectly. It is unjust and wicked to blame the people for failing to do something they can’t do – and the truth is they can’t “Stop the Spread” of the virus.

The fault lies, not in the people, but in the leaders who have devised unrealistic objectives and irksome rules to accomplish them. They have set us up for failure and seem to derive pleasure from dooming us (in their own little minds) to unending disappointment. In the world forged by Tony Evers and leaders of his ilk there is no possibility of success. It is like Hell on Earth.

But their time is passing away. The path of wisdom and happiness is to learn to live with the virus (which we can’t escape) and get rid of the wicked, bad leaders and their onerous, dangerous, and unconstitutional rules.

Therefore, Governor Evers will cease and desist with his unscientific and unhelpful announcements, pronouncements, and advertising campaigns. His desire to spend public money spreading a lie rather than helping the vulnerable is an abomination, and has raised a stink in the Almighty’s nostrils. The legislature and the courts should have put a stop to Governor Evers’ nonsense long ago but they seem rather slow themselves. So it is left to the people.

A pox on you Governor Evers. Your days as Governor are, and should be, numbered.

–Van Mobley is the president of Thiensville.


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