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Mid-October 2016 saw the political experts, whether they were Republican or Democrat, pronounce that the “Access Hollywood” tape had sunk Trump in Wisconsin. They advised down-ballot Republicans to save themselves by distancing from the top of the ticket.

It is Mid October 2020 and the experts are offering similar advice, but now they claim that Trump’s purported mishandling of the virus, rather than the Access Hollywood tape, is pushing Trump under.

In reality Trump is doing better in 2020 than in 2016. He is on track to win Wisconsin with increased, rather than decreased, vote margins. How can the experts be so wrong again?
Perhaps because they live and/or work in Dane County, where the people in charge think the way forward on the virus is for the entire state and country to adopt an authoritarian/draconian strategy like the one they advocate. Such “leaders” jump at a chance to impose rules on others. They don’t notice or care if the rules they impose annihilate the local business community, immiserate everyone (particularly the young), have little if any discernable positive impact on the course of the virus, and are unconstitutional. They see themselves as imbued with special knowledge (from whence or who it came is anybody’s guess), and are annoyed by any person who has the temerity to identify the unscientific contradictions, and contradictory evidence, that shape their approach. None should be allowed to have fun or be left unhindered to complete necessary and essential tasks! All must obey after the “leaders” have zoomed with the “experts” and decided upon how everyone else can “safely” interact!

Of course, Trump and almost all Wisconsinites prefer a more localized, rational, scientific, humane approach to managing the pandemic. We are charting a course for a future in which Wisconsinites remain citizens, rather than become subjects.

As evidence of this insight it is illuminating to note that Governor Evers and Mayor Barrett, two of Wisconsin’s most prominent Democrats, are parting ways concerning the nature of the current crisis. Evers wants all the “Folks” to shut up and obey his latest edict — until some “expert” whispers some different virus “science” into his head, at which time Evers will issue a new edict, and demand that the “Folks” obey it instead.

Barrett, on the other hand, wants a city to govern in the future, and has begun to identify Evers and his mercurial edicts, rather than the virus, as the more dangerous crisis threatening Milwaukee. So Tom is spinning a cunning word web in hopes of bamboozling Tony into believing that Milwaukee’s less draconian virus rules are actually stricter than Tony’s more draconian virus rules. Just imagine Tom, hunkered down in that beautiful old building that houses the Milwaukee Mayor’s office, whispering to his advisors that they must remain focused on bamboozling Tony. “If we can keep the Governor bamboozled long enough,” I can hear Tom faintly, “something (like a Trump victory, an Evers recall, favorable court action, or the merciful finger of the Almighty) might intervene and save us from the demented coterie of “experts” about Tony, who are constantly pouring their latest ideas through his porous head, and thereby generating ever more draconian edicts, which if implemented will ruin us all!”

Expect Trump to do better in Milwaukee County than last time – and he will probably do better in Dane County as well. Nobody, not even the bluest of Dane County Democrats, really wants to be ruled by a bunch of “experts” whispering in the ear of a dull-witted executive like Evers or Biden.

Then too, imported hooligans may favor the Biden/Evers perspective on riots, but hardly any real live Wisconsinites do. Wisconsinites are keen on protecting people’s right to protest, and listening to what they say, but they reject violent riots that threaten or take lives and wreck public and/or personal property. Furthermore, they dislike Biden and Evers style politicians who go silent or opaque when we need them to be clear and precise about the difference between a protest and a riot and the necessity of law and order. Remembering Biden/Evers inadequacies will drive up Trump vote totals everywhere.

Finally, everybody in Wisconsin remembers Trump promised to get us out of the interminable Middle Eastern Wars that Obama promised to end (but perhaps didn’t end because he selected the warmongering Joe Biden as his VP), promised to fix the bad trade deals Biden crafted and voted for, promised to stand up for the farmers Biden abandoned, promised to build a great economy with rising wages for those that the Clinton/Bush/Obama (Biden) economy left behind, promised to appoint solid judges, promised to cut taxes, stand up to the tyrannical Chinese communists, etc. Trump kept his promises. And this time he promises to rebuild America even better than before the virus, plus take care of the little bits of unfinished business from the first term like health care and infrastructure.

Isn’t it amazing that the political experts are wrong again! Almost all those who voted for Trump last time will do so again, plus they will persuade many of their friends and neighbors who were irritated by the tweets last time to jump on the Trump train in 2020. We will never know what Biden stands for until after the latest “expert” meeting occurs, of course. But we do know Trump stands for many good things — and all we have to do to get them is tolerate a few (sometimes hilarious) tweets. Damn the experts! Four more years for President Trump!

–Mobley is president of Thiensville.


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