MADISON – The following statement can be attributed to Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation President Joe Bragger:

“Our lives as farmers and agriculturists have changed drastically over the past few weeks as we battle with challenges related to COVID-19.


Farmers who raise livestock have a great understanding of herd immunity and the dangers of disease spread when something enters the herd that you are unable to vaccinate for. Taking proactive measures to keep livestock healthy and following biosecurity protocol on the farm, is nothing new. The same logic applies to how our country must battle the recent coronavirus pandemic.


At the same time, as a farmer, I am no stranger to the pain the agricultural community is feeling as a result of this pandemic. I can assure you that Farm Bureau always has, and will continue to, fight for farmers and rural communities. I urge you to continue to control what you can and advocate for yourselves as we simultaneously work to voice your concerns and urgent needs to all stakeholders.


Farmers are incredible people. Even while they face some of the most challenging times in recent memory, they are not afraid to step up and help people in need. Continue to support each other, because together is the only way we will get through this.”

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is the state’s largest general farm organization representing farms of all sizes, commodities and management styles.

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