A St. Croix County judge has rejected a request for a temporary restraining order preventing enforcement of Gov. Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate.

Judge Michael Waterman rejected arguments from the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty and GOP lawmakers that Evers had exceeded his authority in issuing the mandate.

State law allows governors to declare public health emergencies for up to 60 days unless extended by the Legislature. WILL and GOP lawmakers argued the three public health emergencies Evers called each relate to the same crisis and thus are beyond his powers.

But Waterman ruled that interpretation is incorrect. He also wrote in today’s decision that the Legislature has the power to terminate Evers’ order but has declined to do so.

Should the GOP-run Legislature overturn Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate now that a local court has left it stand?

Please let us know your view below and explain why in the comments.

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