Wisconsin – After a massive volunteer-driven get out the vote effort, the WI Working Families Party – a grassroots political group that has been building a base of progressive lawmakers in Wisconsin since 2016 – is proud to congratulate its endorsed candidates on their victories in tonight’s election.

As of this morning, WI WFP candidates Rep. Marisabel Cabrera (AD09), Sara Rodriguez (AD13), Rep. Robyn Vining (AD14), Supreme Moore Omokunde (AD17), Samba Baldeh (AD48), Lee Snodgrass (AD57), Rep. Beth Meyers (AD74), Francesca Hong (AD76), Kristina Shelton (AD90), Rep. Jodi Emerson (AD91) all won their races.

“Wisconsin voters came together with a clear message tonight: we are sick and tired of being sick and tired,” said WI WFP organizer Priscilla Bort. “Tonight’s victories aren’t just for Working Families Party candidates or progressive allies — they’re victories for the fight to build a Wisconsin that cares for all of us. Last night, Wisconsin took one step closer to expanding BadgerCare, funding our public schools and infrastructure, putting workers over corporate boondoggles, and protecting our farms and environment.”


“We said at the outset that our moral mandate was to defeat Trump and Trumpism, and to elect champions for working people up and down the ballot,” said Jon Jarmon, senior organizer with the Wisconsin Working Families Party. “We’re getting closer to that goal every hour. We are confident that when every vote is counted, we will have defeated Trump — and when we do, we’ll be ready to hold Biden accountable to passing transformational solutions that meet the scale of the crises we face.”


The WI WFP drove a powerful grassroots, volunteer GOTV campaign with spectacular results this cycle. Volunteers and organizers secured more than 90,000 commitments to vote from low-propensity voters — nearly quadruple Trump’s margin of victory in Wisconsin for 2016.


We got there through 900,000 phone calls and 3.2 million texts to low-propensity voters in Wisconsin. WI WFP has had more than 2,000 volunteer shifts since Labor Day, and forty-five WFP volunteers met their goal of sending 10,000 individual texts in a month. The work done by WFPs partners, including BLOC and Voces, also played a key role in WFP candidates’ pathway to victory this cycle.


“This community stared hatred, division, and fear tactics in the face and declared that love wins and so will we,” said Rep. Robyn Vining, who the WFP helped re-elect after she won the traditionally Republican 14th Assembly district in 2018. “With partnership from organizations like the Working Families Party, our community showed that we are a strong, resilient people, and that our love for one another is a crucial building block toward a better world.”


The WI WFP also worked on multiple early vote events with family members of Jacob Blake and other local activists including a march to the polls from Kenosha to Milwaukee, and a rally in Kenosha followed by a march to the city early vote location.

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