Max Loebl

Milwaukee – Chris Walton, Chair of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County, endorsed Aisha Carr for the Milwaukee Public School Board District 4. Chris Walton notes that MPS District 4 students deserve a representative who is knowledgeable about their concerns and needs.

Regarding his endorsement, Walton said, “As an educator, Aisha has experienced firsthand the lack of resources when attempting to educate MPS students. Because of this, I know that she will fight for the interests of our community and she will deliver on the promise of prioritizing our students and parents. Join me in supporting Aisha Carr for MPS District 4.”

In reaction to this endorsement, Aisha Carr stated, “I have devoted my entire professional career to the advancement of students of color, fighting for racial and educational equity and I am beyond excited to have Chris Walton’s support in this fight!”

The general election for MPS District 4 will be held on April 6.

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