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Since the Neoliberal world order first stamped its mark on the American society in 1980s with a myth of Reaganomics’ “trickle down prosperity”, it also made a slow but steady progress on the political front. It not only made the left its harmless sparring partner but it turned all it stood for into a marketable and consumer friendly progressive product. In this process the ideology was deformed to serve its own interests’ while slowly and effectively diluting the essence of progressivism into a cos play full of virtue signaling rhetoric and pay to play version of political reality.

The new left’s intersectionality, gender theory and other woke nonsense excuses and supports imperialism resulting in an old fashioned corporate economic pillage while condoning killing of other (mostly poor) people in their (mostly poor) countries.

I first came across this dynamic when I covered the “Socialist Convention” in Chicago in 2015 for the RT and I thought at the time that it was just aimless wondering on the intellectual wilderness in search of meaning that will eventually work itself out.

However even the personal profiteering and hypocrisy that wormed itself into to the movements such as the BLM or Justice Democrats didn’t prepare me for what I just read recently. Never in my life I thought I will live the day that someone on the supposed LEFT can write the following:

“Killing with drones produces queer moments of disorientation. Drawing on queer phenomenology, I show how militarized masculinities function as spatiotemporal landmarks that give killing in war its “orientation” and make it morally intelligible”

Mind you this is a product of Harvard University, London School of Economics and currently John Hopkins University.

As a typical example of the new direction set by the Postmodernism perhaps some people in the US academia can now use their “talents” to write a new take on WW2 , the Holocaust or the Israel-Palestine conflict using the new woke vocabulary, terminology and whatever( -ism) is in vogue. This truly shows the dawn of the Western Civilization as we know it as the basic civilizational (not to mention ethical and moral) norms are no longer relevant to serve as any type of benchmark. It is as if the humanity has been reduced to the categories used in entomology ( no offense to these useful critters that play a vital role in our ecosystem ) where the standards of truth, beauty and integrity have been hollowed out to represent everything but.

This ideological and intellectual black hole has been well explained by the Professor Gabriel Rockhill’s essay “The CIA reads French Theory” as it points out to the slowly turning wheels of our society’s consciousness morphing to what can be best described as caste based system of values. In this set up the real division is no longer left and right but up and down and the winners at the top will dictate the reality for us all.

The CIA Reads French Theory: On the Intellectual Labor of Dismantling the Cultural Left

However on the practical level, the new left’s woke ideology has been incorporated by the corporations and deployed on the unwitting public creating a new paradigm of division, a classic playbook of intelligence operations. It is not a fluke that the ideas of traditional leftist concern such as living wage and medical care for all are now substituted by the mirage of social and racial justice that beside the barrage of meaningless talking points and public anger don’t change the status quo reality but just the opposite, they reinforce it.

The foreign policy military adventurism will continue with the third (announced) withdrawal from Afghanistan limited only to US troops but not including 18,000 plus army of military contractors, intelligence operatives and private security that will be serving the corrupt Afghan regime well beyond the September 11 deadline.

However to gain its cred with the American public that will continue to be paying for this war regardless of Biden’s pronouncement, the force left behind will be environmentally conscious, progressive on the womens’ rights front with LGBT and “Coexist” stickers on their vehicles to emphasize the never ending quest for Afghanistan’s prosperity fought over pretty much to the last Afghani standing, never mind the geopolitical benefit and resources in its ground.

At home this will morph into a continuing deterioration of human and citizen rights as seen by the use of the COVID emergency into management of the society to obtain the desired endgame: The New Tech Feudalism.

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