MADISON, Wis. — On Tuesday, the nonpartisan People’s Maps Commission presented its finalized redistricting recommendations to Gov. Tony Evers and the Legislature.

A decade ago, Republican lawmakers and lobbyists locked themselves behind closed doors in a private law office and re-designed Wisconsin’s electoral maps without any public input. These partisan maps guaranteed Republican majorities and a lack of accountability.

Wisconsinites deserve a fair process that puts workers and families back in charge of our state’s maps — not lawmakers and lobbyists. That’s why Gov. Evers created this nonpartisan commission tasked with recommending the People’s Maps and why he has traveled across Wisconsin this week to urge the legislature to take up the commission’s maps.

The nonpartisan commission received nearly 2,000 submissions during its yearlong process, including from Wisconsinites representing 68 counties and 321 municipalities. Over the last several years, 55 Wisconsin counties, representing nearly 83 percent of Wisconsin residents, have either held referendum votes or have had resolutions approved by a County Board supporting nonpartisan redistricting.

This week’s Marquette Poll showed strong bipartisan support for fair maps. For example, 63% of Wisconsin voters and even 62% of Republicans support having a nonpartisan commission create redistricting maps.

“Wisconsinites deserve fair maps and a legislature that is accountable to the people,” said Tony for Wisconsin Communications Director Sam Roecker. “Governor Evers has always believed that people should choose their legislators, not the other way around and he will continue to build support for fair, nonpartisan redistricting maps.”

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