Dr. Deborah Kerr, candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, released the following statement in the wake of this morning’s decision to delay and partially open Milwaukee Public Schools for in-person instruction while keeping most high school kids locked-out:

It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the adults of MPS continue to fail the students of Wisconsin’s largest city. Those parents who wish to send their kids to school for in-person instruction should be able to, today. In all grades. 

Last night and early this morning we witnessed adults with skewed priorities, paralyzed by political fear continue to lockout MPS students from their school. Our children, our families, and our community deserve better.

MPS and DPI need a mindset change. The purpose of schools is to serve families, not the unions. The purpose of schools is to provide an open, safe space for our kids. Leadership requires a desire to work with all stakeholders, but not to be beholden to the monied interests which fuel political campaigns.

Kids must be the priority.

In my decades as a Superintendent, I worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to advance the best interests of my communities’ students and parents. I closed the achievement gap for Black and Brown kids. This includes successful, respectful negotiations with teachers’ unions. However, I never have and never will do the union’s bidding. I will never put special interests ahead of students or parents.

This is why our campaign is being outspent by more than ten to one. WEAC and other teachers’ unions know my opponent will do their bidding. They’re fueling an army of mudslinging messengers in a desperate attempt to maintain control and influence over the Department of Public Instruction.

If you want an independent State Superintendent who will always put students first and all public schools to be open, vote for me, Deb Kerr.

The independence and quality of our schools are on the ballot, and the choice is clear.

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