[Waukesha, WI] – Rebecca Kleefisch released the following statement honoring Wisconsin’s heroes and thanking them for their service on Veterans Day:

“I’m always amazed when I meet the men and women who have served our country and state in our armed forces. Their courage, character, and compassion for America is inspiring, and we should strive every day to make our nation a place that is deserving of the sacrifices they have made. Their service allows us to enjoy the freedoms they fought so hard to protect, and I am forever grateful for their sacrifices.

“As lieutenant governor, I had the honor of working with veterans and partnering with our state agencies to make 2012: “The Year of the Veteran” in Wisconsin.

“I was proud to work with Wisconsin’s military community to make veterans an integral part of Wisconsin’s economy. As governor, I will continue that mission to make Wisconsin the premier state in the country for people separating or retiring from the service. Regardless of politics, I will always show our veterans the gratitude and respect they deserve.”

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