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The Fox Cities is a special place to live. My district is made up of working families (many who work in the pulp and paper industry), diverse small businesses, and busy, loving parents doing the juggle of work, school, and family time. But often it seems there is roadblock after roadblock to making ends meet, building their careers and doing what’s best for their kids. Whether it’s the high cost of child care, stagnant wages that make it hard to save money for lessons, trips or college. Or even just being able to say yes to that coveted bike or game or smartphone. It is 2021 and there are still far too many working parents who just can’t get ahead.

As a fellow parent, I know we’ll do anything we can to support our kids and try to give them the best upbringing possible; everything we do is in service of that goal. And as a legislator, my focus is building a strong future, full of opportunity for all of my constituents. That’s why I believe so strongly in the Child Tax Cut that parents will start receiving this week. The Child Tax Cut will be a game changer for families and businesses alike — everyone in my district will benefit from this, whether they have children or not.

Families will now have the opportunity to invest in their children’s future. Things that were once budget busters, like quality and affordable child care, saving for secondary education or family trips can now be a reality. Local businesses will also feel the positive impact of the Child Tax Cut as customers can spend more at their stores. Our families thrive, our businesses thrive, our economy thrives.

The Child Tax Cut is a win for everyone.

What I can’t comprehend is how we have elected officials like Ron Johnson who voted against the Child Tax Cut. This legislation will help nearly 1.2 million Wisconsin children and their families move from living paycheck to paycheck to building a nest egg, updating their home, or comfortably paying for child care. Not only will this provide families with a better future, it is also a way to boost local businesses and our state’s economy.

What is really an insult to Wisconsinites is that Johnson has claimed he doesn’t support the Child Tax Cut because it’s ‘economic or social engineering.” Yet when it came to passing Trump’s 2017 tax handout to giant corporations and the ultra rich, Johnson was the deciding vote after he got an amendment added that would directly help his company and personal wealth.

I’m saddened for our state that it remains clear that Senator Johnson is looking out for himself and not the families in Wisconsin. He is ignoring the needs of children and parents like those in my district, who need their representatives to fight for them everyday — that’s the job he and I signed up for when we ran for office.

As a mom and a legislator, I’m genuinely excited by the opportunities the Child Tax Cut will provide for our community. To continue making progress like this, we need elected officials at all levels of government to support these initiatives which recognize the real challenges of families today and invest in making lives better. Unfortunately, Senator Johnson has proven that’s not his priority as he continues to only represent himself. My constituents and Wisconsin families everywhere deserve better than an out-of-touch millionaire’s version of what he thinks Wisconsin families need.

– Snodgrass, D-Appleton, represents the 57th Assembly District.

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