Milwaukee, WI. – On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, on the 2nd Floor of the MATC Student Center, at 11:30 am,  leaders from groups representing MATC students, faculty and staff will formally share their joint statement on  anti-racism with the MATC community. The group, known as the MATC Anti Racism Coalition (MAC) was formed  to collaboratively combat racism within the institution. The coalition includes leaders of two student  organizations, The Black Student Union and Latinx Unidos, the institution’s two labor unions, Local 212 and  AFSCME Local 587 as well as the Employee Resource Group, Latinx United Network Alliance (Higher Ed Luna)  and the African American Network (AAN).  

The statement* provides guidance for all of us, as MATC leaders, to create an anti-racist institution. It identifies  how MATC can demonstrate fairness and equity, and how the college can support students in challenging racism  when identified. In short, the statement affirms the coalition’s belief that MATC will not reach its potential for  greatness in serving those who enter its doors until racism – past and present- is openly named, acknowledged  and addressed.  

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this press release are those of the coalition and are not  necessarily the views and opinions of the college.  

* The Joint Statement on Anti-Racism will be available at the event.  

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