APPLETON, WI — Sunrise Wisconsin is announcing that they are endorsing Fox Valley native and current Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson in the 2022 race for the Wisconsin Senate seat currently held by Ron Johnson. This is the first Sunrise statewide hub to endorse a Senate candidate for the 2022 elections. Sunrise Wisconsin believes that Tom is the candidate who believes most passionately in climate action and will be an excellent champion of the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and the transformational change that this moment in history calls for in Wisconsin.

“I believe that Tom Nelson understands the moment we are in where our country has billionaires and corporations controlling our corrupt Congress while the rest of us and the planet suffer. He is ready to meet this moment and transform our country by passing the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, building a Blue-Green coalition between union, labor, and the environmental movement, raising the minimum wage to a living wage and much, much, more. He isn’t running on platitudes like other so-called progressives, but on a bold, substantive vision,” said Anders Hanhan, the Hub Coordinator of Sunrise Fox Valley, the largest Sunrise hub in the state.

In 2022, one of Wisconsin’s two seats in the U.S. Senate is up for grabs and is currently held by Republican Ron Johnson who has the lowest approval rating of all statewide electeds in Wisconsin at 36%. Senator Johnson has called climate change “BS” and has not yet announced if he will be running for re-election yet. There is a large field of Democrats looking to win the nomination with the primary election in August.

“I am honored to have the Sunrise Wisconsin endorsement and gratified they want to support progressives that actually walk the talk. Sunrise has been instrumental in forcing policymakers to take the climate crisis seriously. I have been championing Wisconsin as the ideal state to lead on forming a Blue-Green coalition of labor and environmentalists for a Green New Deal to help save our planet while creating millions of union, family supporting jobs,” said Tom Nelson. “The youth are leading the way and it’s up to the politicians to follow.”

“Tom Nelson is the Green New Deal champion that Sunrise Wisconsin has been searching for in this race. Tom is willing to fight tooth and nail for progressive policies in Washington D.C. that will benefit everyday working Wisconsinites and reverse the effects of our changing climate. Young people in Wisconsin aren’t going to support incremental changes, and we certainly don’t want to see another Kyrsten Sinema in the Senate selling our future out. We are supporting Tom because he gives us hope for bold climate action,” said Matthew Pavlik, the Political Lead for Sunrise Fox Valley.

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