Last week, the Biden Administration announced an administrative rule that threatens the individual liberty and medical freedom of Wisconsin’s citizens. By December 5th, private businesses would be forced to require unvaccinated workers to wear masks and undergo weekly testing. By January 4th, private businesses will be forced to mandate full vaccinations for their workers or offer a plan for weekly testing.

Not only should the infringement of our God-given rights and liberties be enough to take a stand, informed consent for any vaccine cannot occur when a person’s free will is overcome by the threatened actions of government or employers.

Nineteen states, including Kansas, led by a Democrat governor, have already filed lawsuits against the Biden Administration for the unconstitutionality of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has stayed the mandate, citing “grave constitutional and statutory issues.” The Biden Administration has instructed businesses to flagrantly ignore the rule of law and proceed in complying.

I am asking that Attorney General Kaul join these states as they stand against tyranny, and sue the Biden Administration for the unconstitutionality of the vaccine mandate and protect the freedom of Wisconsin’s citizens.

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