Milwaukee, WI – Today, Democratic legislators stood with workers and union leaders in Milwaukee to promote AB 614 – a bill to provide full collective bargaining rights for public employees in Wisconsin.

Lead authors, Representative Cabrera and Senator Larson, issued the following statement:

“All workers should have the freedom to collectively bargain for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. Unfortunately, here in Wisconsin, most public workers are prohibited from exercising this basic right.

“Through their efforts during the pandemic, public workers have helped keep our communities together. Neighbors have taken notice. A recent poll commissioned by labor organizations in our state found that nearly 77% of Wisconsinites agree that public sector frontline workers should be allowed to collectively bargain. Among Wisconsin voters, 67% believe that all public employees should be able to negotiate, including a majority of Trump supporters (51%).

“As legislators, we should be empowering our frontline heroes in the public sector, not silencing their voices and restricting their freedom to stand with coworkers to advocate for the wages, benefits, and working conditions they deserve. Assembly Bill 614 puts us on the path to enabling public workers to negotiate stronger labor protections, and ensures that when it comes to fair labor practices, the State of Wisconsin will once again provide the example to which private sector employers should aspire.

“Our public workers have demonstrated unwavering commitment to our neighbors and communities. It is only right that we stand in solidarity as they fight for a better future for themselves and the millions of people they serve.”

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