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Kenosha- On February 25th, the Speakers Taskforce on Racial Disparities will hear testimony from experts regarding qualified immunity, the use of chokeholds and no knock warrants by law enforcement officers, and investments in violence prevention. Prior to this meeting, the Co-Chairs of this Taskforce will hold a media availability to discuss the Taskforce and forthcoming meetings.

WHAT: Speakers Taskforce on Racial Disparities- Law Enforcement Policies and Procedures Subcommittee Meeting.

WHO: Representative Stubbs (D-Madison), Representative Steineke (R-Kaukauna)

WHEN: Monday, February 25th 2021, 8:30amWHERE: Grace ELCA Kenosha. 2006 60th St. Kenosha, WI 53140 Credentialed members of the media are invited to attend.

Contact Info:

Phone: 608-266-3784Email: [email protected]


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