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Parents Involved with their Children’s Education are NOT Terrorists

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, released the following statement in regards to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards’ (WASB) decision to withdraw their participation from the National School Boards’ Association (NSBA) following a letter NSBA had sent to President Biden stating that public schools are facing an immediate threat from parents and that Biden should take action:

“Parents concerned with their children’s education are not domestic terrorists, as NSBA indicated. For the federal Department of Justice to state that they need to launch an effort to combat harassment against school officials at a time when murders are up 30% across the country is just ridiculous.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was uncovered that NSBA had colluded with the Biden Administration on the content of the letter even before NSBA had sent their letter to President Biden. To have a national education organization writing to the President that public school boards are facing an immediate threat from parents is a massive exaggeration without evidence and goes against everything our democracy stands for.

I congratulate WASB on taking this tough stance and understanding that elected officials, even school board members, must be willing to take criticism for their actions just as well as they receive praise. Parents and taxpayers should have significant input in all matters of their children’s education. I would also suggest that they inform their member school boards that the best communication from constituents and parents is face-to-face and not through a video feed.”

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