Fitchburg, WI – Today, Fitchburg Mayor and Democratic candidate for State Treasurer, Aaron  Richardson announced a partnership with a credit union to provide financial literacy materials to the  public if he is elected State Treasurer.  

“I am thrilled to announce I have partnered with one of the largest credit unions in Wisconsin to provide  financial literacy materials to people throughout the state, if I am elected State Treasurer. While the  credit union I am working with wants to remain anonymous at this time, they have been given multiple  awards for their efforts in financial literacy. They are a leader in providing financial literacy and a great  partner. As part of this partnership materials will be available in both English and Spanish because it is  important to me to provide this critical information to as many Wisconsin residents as we can.”  

“I want to continue the great work Treasurer Godlewski has done the past four years and enhance those  efforts in a few ways. Providing financial literacy to residents throughout the state is one of the biggest  and most important to me. These materials will be available to anyone and there will be specific  materials for educators throughout the state to utilize in their classrooms.”  

“This week has shown just how important it is that we elect qualified people that know how to  accomplish great things for Wisconsin. This partnership shows that I am serious about this election. My  ideas are not just generic platitudes, but actionable things I am proving I am more than capable of.  Wisconsin needs leaders that do more than just talk and can deliver ways to improve the lives of  residents throughout the state. I look forward to being elected State Treasurer and formally announcing  my partner, as well as talk with other financial institutions that want to join me in providing financial  literacy to residents throughout the state.”  

Aaron has a degree in marketing and management from UW-Green Bay and an MBA from UW Whitewater. In addition to being a lifelong, and 5th generation resident of Fitchburg, Mayor Richardson  enjoys many typical Wisconsin activities. These include Friday fish fries, euchre and visiting state parks  throughout Wisconsin. Learn more about his campaign at  

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