Madison, Wis. — On the Dan O’Donnell Show this week, failed Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson again announced his intent to possibly run for governor, saying he’s waiting on a decision from Senator Ron Johnson [34:55].

While Nicholson isn’t sure which office he’s running for, it’s clear which way he’s leaning – Nicholson already threw a punch at GOP gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, calling her strategy for elections, as dumb as a bag of hammers.”

Nicholson inching towards a run for governor can’t be welcome news to Kleefisch, who is already facing an onslaught of crises: Wisconsinites resoundingly rejected the school board recall candidates she put all her political weight behind, Republicans are going after her plan to “hire mercenaries” for the election, Donald Trump went behind her back and endorsed someone who doesn’t even live in the state of Wisconsin, and she was called out for speaking maskless to an anti-vax group.

Radical Rebecca Kleefisch is now facing four potential primary opponents: Kevin Nicholson, New Jersey D-list celebrity Sean Duffy, state Rep. John Macco, and Eric Hovde.  And make no mistake — Kleefisch will do or say anything to prove she is the most extreme candidate in this race.

It’s not just Radical Rebecca and Nicholson who are feuding — Macco and Hovde have aired their own issues, very publicly. Macco said the two were working together on polling; Hovde denies colluding with his opponent.

“What a mess,” said Rapid Response Director Kayla Anderson. “Rebecca Kleefisch is so radical even Republicans think her ideas are ‘dumb as a bag of hammers,’ Nicholson is straddling the line between governor and Senate, Hovde and Macco are publicly feuding, and Donald Trump’s pick doesn’t live in this state. Should Nicholson ever make a decision, he and Radical Rebecca will be in a battle to the far right to win the nomination, ensuring that they’ll be wildly out of touch with the people of Wisconsin. None of these people are suited to be governor of Wisconsin.”

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