(MADISON) — From turning down millions in federal unemployment assistance, to callously answering America’s latest mass shooting with a promise of more inaction, Robin Vos and his fellow Republican politicians demonstrated time and again this week that they only come to Madison to obstruct, play political games and collect a paycheck.

“Robin Vos and Devin LeMahieu took an eight month vacation at the height of the pandemic. Now that the pandemic’s least-active full time legislature is finally back in Madison, it seems the only thing Republicans want to work on is their reputation for gridlock,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler. “It’s time for Republicans to get serious about governing, and start showing up for the people who pay their salaries.”

Here’s just a few of this week’s low-lights:

On a call with Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce this morning, Robin Vos told the tycoons funding his political career that struggling families didn’t need unemployment assistance or stimulus checks:  “If you give them free money, they don’t have the same incentive to work.”

During yesterday’s session, Vos also went after state employees, using sarcastic air quotes to imply personnel working remotely weren’t really working — a bold claim from the guy who deliberately kept Wisconsin’s Legislature out of session for more than 290 days last year.

Vos also threatened yesterday to waste more taxpayer dollars on attorneys and lawsuits if the governor didn’t go along with his latest power-grab — putting himself in control of the $3.2 billion in federal relief funding coming to Wisconsin thanks to the American Rescue Plan.

Robin Vos’ obtuse bullying is one thing, but his obstruction has a real impact: Wisconsin is missing out on millions of dollars in additional federal funding unemployment assistance, all because Vos and his fellow Republican politicians refuse to waive Wisconsin’s one-week unemployment insurance waiting period.

Again, these are the same people clamoring to put themselves in charge of more than $3 billion in critical relief funding:

PBS WISCONSIN: Republicans Want Control of Federal COVID Funds, Reject Unemployment Dollars

“Republican lawmakers also say they do not plan on suspending a one-week unemployment insurance waiting period for those newly out of work, despite the fact the federal government would pick up 100% of the cost.”

And to top it all off, Speaker Vos responded to America’s latest mass shooting by announcing that there was little the state could do in response to such horrific violence:

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL: Top Wisconsin Republican says arresting perpetrators is likely the only thing that can be done in response to mass shootings

  • “The leader of the Wisconsin Assembly said Tuesday there is little the state can do about mass shootings other than arrest the perpetrators after they commit their crimes.”

Luckily, we do have a real leader in Wisconsin who can deliver for working families and lead our state out of this pandemic: Gov. Tony Evers. Even the Republicans know it:

ASSOCIATED PRESS: “Wisconsin GOP leaders praise state’s vaccination efforts”

“‘Our state over the last month or two has done a really good job getting people vaccinated,’ LeMahieu said.”

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