MADISON — Today, Citizen Action of Wisconsin announced it would endorse Lt. Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes in the Democratic Senate primary. Citizen Action is a grassroots membership organization with deep organizing roots across urban, rural, and suburban Wisconsin.

“I’m proud to be endorsed by a coalition of advocates who have been fighting for working people in Wisconsin for decades,” said Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes. “Together, we will create an economy that works for working people, protect our democracy and the right to vote, create jobs by addressing climate change, guarantee access to health care for all, and kick Ron Johnson out of office once and for all.”

“We have known Mandela since he started as a young organizer, and worked with him throughout his career as he fought for working people as an organizer, a legislator, and in his role as Lt. Governor. Citizen Action trusts Mandela to deliver on his promises because we know his values and we’ve seen him do it before,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “We’re standing behind Mandela because he has proven again and again that he’ll fight to guarantee health care for everyone in Wisconsin that can never be taken away, address the threat of climate change in a way that creates a more equitable economy that lifts all boats, and stand up to anyone who threatens our Democratic institutions and the right to vote. He is the fighter we need in Washington and we’re proud to be in the fight to help him get there.”

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