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Dear Friends,

This year we were put to the test as we navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, which threatened so much of what we hold dear. I am immensely proud of our team for supporting each other and constantly pivoting and innovating to stay relevant and hopeful for the community in which we live, play and work.

With your support, the Findley Foundation was able to be at the forefront of our community’s pandemic response and played a pivotal role in ensuring our patients continued to be well-served and our staff remained safe.

This response, including helping to administer over 6,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccinations to so many in our community, has saved lives and provided most of us an opportunity to move forward in the midst of this pandemic. In addition, the Findley Foundation has emerged stronger than ever because of the support of our Board of Directors, staff, donors and friends who helped us weather this unimaginable, volatile and still uncertain time.

We continue to serve at the forefront of response efforts with a commitment to increasing COVID-19 vaccinations and testing in our communities and to ensuring equitable vaccine distribution to most of whom belong to racial/ethnic minority groups. Thanks to our many devoted community partners – local organizations, universities, embassies, labor unions, volunteers and friends – we keep expanding vaccine outreach to protect as many people as possible.

Our far-reaching vaccination efforts have received accolades from the highest levels of government, with Gov. Tony Evers sending a letter of thanks for being on the frontline to vaccinate the residents of Wisconsin.

We are counting on your continued support to offer high-quality, evidence-based health care, education and social support that so many need to ensure individuals and families become healthy, healed and whole. Many thanks for standing by the Findley Foundation now and always; we greatly appreciate your generosity, your partnership and your friendship. Warm regards.

– Findley is chairman of the Milwaukee-based Findley Foundation.

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