MADISON, Wis. — New reporting today indicates that Donald Trump will announce his bid for the presidency in 2024 later this month, leaving Wisconsinites wondering if Tim Michels will support his far-right candidacy as he’s promised he would.

“I wish he was president today and had four more years. If he runs in 2024, if he does, I will support him and I will endorse him,” Michels told a crowd in Kaukauna. He went on to fully embrace the MAGA agenda, saying, “We need somebody like that in Washington, D.C.”

Desperate to earn Trump’s endorsement earlier in the campaign, Michels leaned into election conspiracy theories and decertification after “a roar came from Mar-a-Lago” demanding he embrace Trump’s MAGA platform and lies.

Michels’ support for Trump shows no signs of slowing down. Just yesterday, he was spotted campaigning with top Trump advisor Reince Priebus. To make matters worse, Michels has recently doubled down on ending democracy in Wisconsin, pledging to rig future elections in his favor if he becomes governor.

“When Tim Michels isn’t kissing up to Donald Trump, he’s parroting his dangerous election-denying agenda across the state of Wisconsin,” said Tony for Wisconsin Spokesperson Kayla Anderson. “Trump’s policies are wrong for Wisconsin, but will Michels follow through on his pledge to support him in 2024 anyway?”

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