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During the last election we were bombarded with candidate ads filled with lies, misinformation and innuendo. Some told stories of murder, rape or sexual assault alleging some connection to opposition candidates. Most were personal attacks or character assassination rather than facts and truth as to why individual candidates should be awarded public office.

Wisconsin’s elections must be returned to what they once were in which candidates outlined for voters what they were for and what they were against. Campaigns should educate voters as to how a vote for a given candidate would make Wisconsin better.

We need legislative leaders, Vos and LeMahieu, to take Wisconsin’s election campaigns back to the realm of civility, decency and dignity that once existed in this state. Passage of campaign reform legislation which insists candidates only address their positions on issues and refrain from demonizing opponents would restore civility to election campaigns.

In this age of technology the Wisconsin Election Commission could use algorithms to mandate civility and decency standards before ads could air in Wisconsin. PACs would be subject to the same standards and all ads would require statements of candidate approval.

Politics in Wisconsin must be returned to the civility and decency that once characterized Wisconsin. Legislation regulating campaign ads would diminish the “us vs them” mentality that has overtaken Wisconsin’s government.

Campaign ads can honestly support candidates without publishing misinformation and disinformation about the opposing candidate. Surely the Governor and the Legislature can work together to end the nastiness that has taken hold of our elections.

– Hanson, of Elkhorn, is a member of the Walworth County Democratic Party.

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