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In my seven decades of voting in Wisconsin’s elections we have never been subjected to candidates and PACs lack of civility and decency in their efforts to gain your vote. One cannot turn on the radio or TV without having to listen to stories of murder, rape or sexual assault somehow involving the opposing candidate. If we are to believe these ads no candidate is worthy of our votes

Wisconsin used to lead the nation in free and fair elections based on campaigns filled with truths and facts not lies, misinformation and innuendo. Disgusting personal attacks on opponents were not tolerated. Instead candidates contrasted their ideology with that of their opponent. Candidates outlined what they were for and against should they gain your vote.

Whatever the outcomes of the November election the governor and Legislature must empower the Wisconsin Election Commission to employ civility and decency standards in all future campaign ads. There must be legislation that does not allow attack ads but only candidate statements of what they will support and oppose if elected. The WEC should be the enforcement agency and WEC approval must be required for all ads running in Wisconsin.

Surely the governor and the legislature could work together to return civility and decency to Wisconsin’s elections and protect all of us from being subjected to this vulgar and tasteless campaigning.

– Hanson, of Elkhorn, is a member of the Walworth County Democratic Party.

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