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The four Republican candidates for Secretary of State want to shift the administration of our elections from the bi-partisan Wisconsin Election Commission to the Secretary of State’s office.

They allege drop boxes and funding given to election clerks cast doubt on the 2020 election results. Recounts, court rulings, and state audits have found no evidence of the outcome being manipulated. These candidates want to give control of Wisconsin’s elections to a political party rather than the people. This is part of a nationwide Republican strategy to control the administration of elections.

Wisconsin has the most gerrymandered legislative districts than any state in the nation. This means Republicans will remain in the majority for the next 10 years. Our democracy declines as wealthy donors, large corporations and special interests govern; rather than the people.

Democracy is replaced by autocracy. Powerful special interests dominate and elected officials work for donors and ignore the will of their constituents. If a political party is allowed to control registration, voting and ballot counting; we can kiss our Democracy goodbye!

There would be nothing stopping an election from being overturned if one party controlled the governor’s office, secretary of state and the legislature.

We, the people, must work to elect public servants who will uphold democracy and stand up to those who want political power rather than American democracy. Once politicians gain control of elections; a democracy in Wisconsin will have vanished.

– Hanson is a member of the Walworth County Democratic Party.


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